They Do Not Die levels

Has anybody been using the level editor in They Do Not Die? If everything goes as planned I will be making a small update to the game in the near future and would be happy to include any well made fan levels. Just upload them somewhere (I recommend and post the link here in the comments.

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        1. Well, I happened to select the Multiplayer options (never tried those before) and found out that Zombie Death Maze was not compatible with multiplayer because the starting positions for players 2, 3, and 4 will appear behind a wall from where player 1 is, heh…. So I made some quick alterations and expanded the size of the starting room so it would contain everyone….

          Zombie Death Maze, revision 3: The Return of the Revenge of the Zombies!

  1. While you’re updating TDND, I remember that you added a 1 pixel border around the “people” sprites in the game because my custom people graphics were getting clipped when they turned, but later I altered my people so that they fit completely within their circles, so you could probably remove that extra 1 pixel border now (it makes it look like the zombies never touch the player).

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