Cubicle Shooter v0.2 – Wii & Windows


Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.
You can find a screenshot here.

I haven’t been very active lately. But I have done a bit of work on updating Cubicle Shooter.

What has changed:
You can now shoot and hurt the people. They get pushed back when shot.
When the people get too close to you they push you and hurt you.
Both you and the other people bleed when hurt and the blood paints the ground and walls.
Your health regenerates (up to one hundred) but if it ever drops to zero then the game will reset.
There is a scoring system which rewards you with 25 points every time you shoot one of the people and an additional 100 when you kill one of them (they die after four hits).
You can now save the game and load a previously saved game. Saving and loading is extremely slow on Wii.
You are taller now but can crouch back down. Just like in the PS3 version you will automatically crouch if you don’t have enough room to stand.
There have been changes to the controls.
There have been some bug fixes.

Wii controls:
Nunchuck analog stick = Move
A button = Stop turning
B button = Shoot
C button = Jump
Z button = Crouch
– button = Load
+ button = Save

Windows controls:
WASD = Move
Right mouse button = Stop turning
Left mouse button = Shoot
Space = Jump
Left Ctrl = Crouch
Q = Load
E = Save

Extra credits:
The newly added background music is a song called Homeless and was created by Julien Lussiez.

Download the Wii version
Download the Windows version

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  1. ThatOtherDev, your homebrews are amazing, I like so much Cubicle Shooter, keep doing homebrews because you have so much talen

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