Sketch Fight v0.1 – PS3

This is a first version of something I have put together for the soon closing Scenery Beta 2011 international homebrew showcase.

Sketch Fight is a simple two player fighting game with crudely done hand drawn graphics that are intended to look like something a person would doodle when trying to cope with the mind numbing repetition and tedium that is school.

I only have one PS3 controller at the moment so I haven’t been able to test it properly… Let me know if it isn’t controlling correctly.

Edit: Apparently when a second controller is connected both controllers effect both players. So it is pretty much unplayable. I’ll probably buy a second controller sometime soon so that I can test multiplayer games myself.

PS3 controls:
Left directional button = Move left
Right directional button = Move right
Down directional button = Move crouch
X button = Jump
Square button = punch
Circle button = kick

Download the PS3 version

6 thoughts on “Sketch Fight v0.1 – PS3”

  1. Thanks for the game. I tried it with my second controller but it does not work correct. If the second controller is connected, you move both players (with both controllers).

  2. I just gave it a try and I really appreciate the style of it.

    I also tried it with a second Controller and can confirm PS3Homebrews comment, both controllers are controlling both players.

    Keep it up.

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