They Do Not Die 2 v0.5 – PS3

Here is another update to They Do Not Die 2.

I had added corpses and blood but I’ve removed them because I don’t know how to make them fade away progressively and I find it extremely distracting seeing them just disappear instantly (for performance reasons there needs to be a limit on how many can exist at any given time). If anyone knows how to go about doing that I would greatly appreciate an example of it. Basically what I’m looking for is the PSL1GHT equivalent of glColor4f. I assume the answer involves shaders which I am sadly fairly ignorant about making and using.

Notable changes:
Added two player co-op play (shared screen).
There are now cars and boxes scattered around the city.
Data is stored more efficiently in game saves and as a result of that saving and loading is faster.
The shotgun is more powerful.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Aim
L1 = Fire the rocket launcher
R1 = Fire the machine gun
L2 = Fire the shotgun
L3 = Run
Start = Pause
X = Select something in the menu

Download the PS3 version

7 thoughts on “They Do Not Die 2 v0.5 – PS3”

  1. Im not familiar with working with psl1ght, but would designing the corpse sprite as an animated sprite that decreases opacity as it progresses through the animation work as a workaround. I know its possible to do with sprites, just not sure if psl1ght would support it either.

    1. That is definitely possible and it is a solution I’m considering. But it means either having a less then smooth transition or using up a somewhat prohibitive amount of vram. The textures for the blood and corpse sprites are each 128×128 so 64 frames of animation (which I haven’t tested but suspect may potentially still be slightly choppy) would require them each to get their own full 1024×1024 texture. I also want to add fire which would need to fade away in the same way and I would ideally like to make gun shots (which are comprised of two sprites) fade and do the same with explosions.

      1. The the small firing explosion would fade, albeit very quickly, but the shot itself would either disappear on contact with anything or once it leaves the screen. The other explosions you’ll just have to deal with unless they’re in explosions on specific sprites which would allow you to combine them into “death by explosive” sprites. Have you already optimized it a few times, or are you worried that whether you’ve optimized or not you still wont have the vram.

  2. Have you tried using:
    tiny3d_VertexColor(u32 argb);

    argb is the glColor4f, it works with an u8 per channel (as glColor4f), but it mixes them all. Adding alpha channel is just a question of decreasing byte 3:

    0xFFDDEE00 – Transparent
    0xFFDDEEFF – Opaque

    FF: red
    DD: green
    EE: blue
    00-FF: alpha

    I haven’t tried it, but I believe it will work.

    Good luck with the game, I do think it’s really good.

  3. I love this homebrew. It would be awesome to see some sort of old school top score tracker after you die so you can tell how youre doing. With the the 3 initials LTM

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