The official PS3 SDK v1.92

I was asked to upload the SDK that I was originally using to develop for PS3. So here it is.

Download part 1
Download part 2
Download part 3

But I would like to take this moment to point out that there is little to no real reason to continue using the official SDK. Although I have some complaints (pretty much exclusively relating to documentation and setup) I have found the open source community made tools to be entirely competent. I strongly recommend that anyone planning to develop homebrew use PSL1GHT and NOT the leaked official SDK that is posted above. Even if you are interested in tinkering with the official SDK it is my understanding that equally complete and functional copies of more recent versions then this have already been leaked.

6 thoughts on “The official PS3 SDK v1.92”

  1. Say I heard so bad stuff about psx scene com so I can dl ur games from here. Also I can’t find a good dl link for cubicle shooter v7 can you help me out. I praise you on the scene but are you on ps3hax or what don’t trust the scene personally.

    1. Worst case scenario is that they contact fileserve and request that the files be removed from the site. They haven’t sued anyone over the leaked SDK yet and I can’t imagine they would start now or with me especially considering how much time has passed since it was first leaked.

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