They Do Not Die 2 v0.6 – PS3 & Wii

Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.

Here is another updated version of They Do Not Die 2. Not a lot has changed but there is now a Wii version. Yeah I just realized that the text in the Wii versions dashboard says this is v0.5 so just ignore that…

Notable changes:
Added on screen text showing the highest number of zombies you have ever killed before dieing (if you pass that high score then the new number will get saved when you die).
You can now play with up to four people (it was previously limited to two).
The position and size of the health and energy bars during multiplayer has changed.
There are now four different kinds of wooden crates (the differences are only cosmetic).
Menu text is larger and the title looks better.
Game saving and loading is even faster.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Aim
L1 = Fire the rocket launcher
R1 = Fire the machine gun
L2 = Fire the shotgun
L3 = Run
Start = Pause

Wii controls:
Analog stick = Move
Pointer = Aim
Left = Fire the rocket launcher
Down = Fire the machine gun
Right = Fire the shotgun
A = Run
B = Fire the machine gun
Plus = Pause
Minus = Pause

Download the PS3 version
Download the Wii version

10 Responses to They Do Not Die 2 v0.6 – PS3 & Wii

  1. LukeThomasx says:

    im a big fan and would really love to see a way to track top scores like in old school arcade games

  2. You should add support for PSMove, you’ve previously added a version for the Wii, and place sound and also blood

    • ThatOtherDev says:

      There may be move support eventually but I don’t yet know of the best way to implement it. The Wii game that predates this one is for the original They Do Not Die and this is the sequel (notice the number 2 at the end of the title). I discussed blood in the release notes for v0.5.

  3. imnumberone says:

    support net play please so I can play against people
    standlaone net play not psn :D

    • ThatOtherDev says:

      That is something I would like to do but I have zero experience with programming networked software on any platform let alone PS3 so it isn’t going to be happening very soon.

  4. LukeThomasx says:

    i hate to sound like some sort of ungrateful leech. But rather than adding sound even, just allow music playback from the xmb for custom soundtracks.

    Ps I noticed the top score tracker but it would still be awesome to see like a top 10 list with the three initials. TOD thatotherdev XD

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  6. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the
    same layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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