What I’ve been up to

I haven’t really been very productive for the last month or so. But I’ve got something arguably new that I’ll be posting very soon and I’m going to be getting back to regularly making and posting new games and updates again.

Mostly I’ve just been killing a lot of time watching stuff. I finished OZ, got half way into .hack//Roots and I watched all of Cowboy Bebop (the series but not the movie) and Eureka 7.

I didn’t use it for very long but I tried out the Windows developer preview that was released back during build. I’m somewhat neutral on the new metro style UI. But I was a bit disappointed when using it with the traditional desktop UI. The ribbon in the file browser was less offensive then I expected it to be and it only takes one click to turn it off or on. But some of the other changes annoy me and despite claims of 8 being more lightweight and efficient I found it to be noticeably more sluggish then 7 (which is what I had been using as my primary OS for the last few months) was on the same hardware. But it is worth noting that my computer is in every way underpowered and really shouldn’t be running anything that could be described as modern. Which actually makes it somewhat justifiable that I went back to using XP and I am so glad I did. Everything is far more responsive, there is far less visual bloat and the RAM limit and lack of support for recent versions of DirectX isn’t a problem for me anyways.

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  1. It’s always good to have some time to just kick back. Looking forward to your updates. Tranced (psx-scene)

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