Maze Generator v1.2 – PS3


Video provided by Manster.

This is an update/remake of Maze Generator for PS3. For anyone that doesn’t know Maze Generator was actually the first thing I ever made for PS3. It was originally made with the leaked SDK but has been redone using PSL1GHT and will now work on CFW. It now also has a lot more in common with it’s Wii version and features a title screen, textured background, multiple maze sizes and the option to watch the maze being randomly generated. It also keeps track of how many times you have finished mazes.

Just use the left analog stick to navigate the maze.

Download the PS3 version

4 thoughts on “Maze Generator v1.2 – PS3”

  1. hi
    i saw all over the place your ps3 games and homebrew and in my mind came an idea that maybe you’ll find interesting:
    everyone just LOVED double dragon and battletoads games. why not try to make a remake of them? new missions, characters etc
    if the companies don’t have future plans on continuing with these titles, why not the independent devs do it?
    thanks and hope you consider

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