Something v0.000003 – Wii & Windows

Here is yet another update to that still nameless thing I’ve been posting for roughly a week now. There are a lot of small changes. Blocks are solid now even when falling, the way legs rotate has improved, now you aim where the cursor is pointing instead of where the center of the screen is pointing, I removed the spheres that followed you, there are more things you can change by editing the settings file, etc. Mostly it’s just polish and optimization.

There is also a Wii version now.

I think I’ve figured out now what I’m actually going to make this game into.

Windows controls:
WASD = Move
Mouse = Aim
Space = Jump
Left mouse button = Action
Q and E = Change action
Right mouse button = Change view

Wii controls:
Analog stick = Move
IR pointer = Aim
C = Jump
B = Action
Left and Right = Change action
A = Change view

Download the Windows version
Download the Wii version

2 thoughts on “Something v0.000003 – Wii & Windows”

  1. I would be pleased if you would continue this masterpiece – I’ve not seen much 3D Homebrews that are so fascinating in it’s, quite simple, but yet amazing design. I hope you’re keep on going – I hope I can somehow track your updates on that game, would be nice if you could give me a hint to do so. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, the only thing I noticed, was, that wherever it’s not 100%l flat, the player moved, and that throws up the controls pretty often – couldn’t you remove the moving-around when the ground is almost flat? I would appreciate a not-moving-player-control for about 25%, is that possible? 😮

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