Gambol v0.1 – PS3

I’ve started work on a platformer for PS3. The gameplay is (currently) 2D but it has 3D graphics making it the first 3D thing I’ve made for PS3 since switching from the official SDK to PSL1GHT.

The art assets are all placeholder. This will NOT be a Mario clone by the time I’m done with it.

The character model used for the player was made by Bubles Studio.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
X = Jump

Download the PS3 version

12 thoughts on “Gambol v0.1 – PS3”

  1. Any chances to got the source code ?

    ps : I know you will share it, but why don’t you do it right after the binary release ? Since now it’s based on PSL1GHT, so GPL license… no ? ( it’s not a “troll”, i’m just wondering why this is not done, even if the source code is “ugly” and not “ready” )

    1. Here it is

      My reasons for not posting source code are mostly relate to lazyness. Plus I don’t want to have to deal with people giving me shit about how I implement things.

      As far as I can tell it isn’t really clear what if any license PSL1GHT is meant to be under. Some of the optional extra libraries seem to be under different variants of the GPL as are some of the things that people have made with it. But I can’t seem to find any information about the license of PSL1GHT itself or the PS3toolchain.

      But in any case I’m reasonably certain that I’m not obligated to release things compiled with PSL1GHT under the GPL or open source them. I think it’s alright to use GPL utilities and compilers as long as you aren’t really using source code from them in your program. I don’t really know. I could be wrong.

      If everyone making homebrew with PSL1GHT is legally required to open source their stuff then I think that’s a bit absurd and makes me not want to post source out of defiance lol.

      1. Hi, firts of all, thanks for answering clearly.

        Like i said, it was not a troll about GPL license and a “you have to do this” thing. I was just wondering what was your opinion about this and the whole “all my code is open-source” way of developing.

        Not to mention i’m not an “expert” in software license, so i’m not going to argue about the GPL case in PSL1GHT.

        Also, most of your homebrews use the “old” PSL1GHT. Have you planned to use the latest from ? If not, why ?

        Again, thanks for the answer and another “thanks” for the source code.

        Great job. ;p

        1. Don’t worry about it. I didn’t think you where trolling and I’m sure I’m more ignorant about software licensing then you are.

          I probably should be using a more up to date build of PSL1GHT. But last time I tried I had trouble getting it to compile and what I have now still works for me so I’m not really in much of a rush to update.

  2. Have you found any differences in efficiency using psL1ght over the official sdk?

    Which is better in your oppinion?, (I know that we are not supposed to use the official one, but is interesting to know).

    1. The official SDK is definitely better, which is to be expected. If the SDK that professional devs were being supplied with (from the company that made the system it’s for) was inferior to what a few hobbyists had hacked together then they would probably revolt. I don’t mean that as an insult to the community made tools. Really it amazes me that PSL1GHT works at all, let alone as well as it does. But yeah, The official SDK is better then PSL1GHT.

      Especially now that I’m starting to try and do 3D stuff and porting over Wii homebrew it’s very clear that just rendering polygons seems to be a lot less efficient then it was with v1.92 of the official SDK. I’ll readily admit that bad performance is probably as much the fault of my own ignorance (there seems to be a common misconception that I know what I’m doing because I’ve released a lot of stuff but I’m just making shit up as I go along) as it is the fault of PSL1GHT and maybe it has improved in recent updated to PSL1GHT. But the way I’m doing things right now there is absolutely no way I can release a new version Cubicle Shooter, The Untitled Project or Neo Race made with PSL1GHT and have them look as good or perform anywhere near as well as the versions I made with the leaked SDK.

      1. Thanks for the elaborated reply 😉

        I supposed that the official SDK was better but I wanted to know how much. Apparently there’s quite a difference, it’s a shame that we can’t (musn’t) use the official.

        keep up the good work I like your blog 😉

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