Neo Race v0.3 – Windows

This is a new build of Neo Race (one of the first few games I made for PS3) for Windows. A lot has been rewritten but nothing much has been changed. It will most likely finally be getting a Wii port sometime soon. I might even begin updating it again for PS3 but that’s less likely.

Windows controls:
A and D = Turn
Space = Accelerate
Enter = return to the main menu

Windows controls (in the editor):
WASD = Move
QE = Move up or down
Space = Add a track point
P = Remove a track point
Up = Remove all track points
Z = Reload track
X = Save track
Enter = return to the main menu

Yeah I know those controls are totally random. A lot will be changed the next time I update it.

Download the Windows version

4 thoughts on “Neo Race v0.3 – Windows”

  1. doesn’t work on my win xp, says something about my configiration settings are incorrect but i think thats just a generic message.

  2. Hey man! =)

    Earlier in the year (if you might recall) I made a map fro the PS3 on v0.2 of Neo Race called “The Roller Coaster”. Well, I have the txt file still, and I tried it on the v0.3 Windows ver, and no track showed up. Are the 0.2 tracks incompatible with the 0.3 tracks? If so, np, but that track is awesome and I MUCH prefer v0.3 over 0.2! =)

    From a loyal Neo Race fan! =)


    P.S. in the previous Neo Race article from Jan of this year (2011), I uploaded the Neo Race TXT file. If the link has been removed, I’ll upload it to pastebin for you to try and out and see why this track is “empty” in 0.3 (but works in 0.2 Win/PS3 versions).

    1. Aha, deleting the “0.2” at the top of the old TXT file then changing it from Unix to Windows coding fixed it! I’ll upload the 0.3 ver of “The Roller Coaster” for y’all to enjoy: “”

      Have fun! =)

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