Several Wii homebrew updates


Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.

Here are updated builds of three seemingly randomly selected pieces of homebrew that I had made for Wii. Three Point O has been significantly overhauled and no longer becomes distorted when you look up or down. Cubicle Shooter and Gravity Glide are more minor updates. I’ve fixed a problem with shooting well looking up or down and aiming away from the center of the screen in Cubicle Shooter. In Gravity Glide the background music now plays more correctly.

Three Point O v1.1
Cubicle Shooter v0.3
Gravity Glide v1.2

It was my plan to organize (most of them are scattered around in different places) and fix up (a lot of them currently won’t compile properly for a verity of reasons) everything I had previously released for Wii and then release new versions of all of them along with the source code (like I did recently with my PS3 stuff) by the end of December. But Laziness and the holidays kept me from being productive and then more time was wasted because IMG_Load had inexplicably stopped working for me on Wii (I eventually gave up trying to figure out why and was able to put together a suitable alternative with the help of the always awesome LodePNG). It is still something I want to do but with only two days remaining (and approximately 40 programs) that obviously isn’t going to happen in the time frame I had originally hoped for.

So anyways you can expect to see at least one update a day and a source code dump by the end of January.

On a vaguely related note, Does anyone know what the deal is with 8bit Collective? It’s where I got a lot of the music I use in my games, the address that I give in the credits (a lot of artists don’t have their own personal sites) and a place that I would love to be able to go back to for finding new and great music to use in some of my currently mute games. But the site seems to have been down for at least a week now. Are they just under maintenance or switching servers or something or is the site gone for good?