A couple more Wii homebrew updates

I’ve once again ported my game Super Pixel Jumper to Wii. This time around it sticks more closely to the GP2X version and I think it plays a bit better. Well porting it I fixed the problem where you would sometimes explode when sliding underneath a harmful block that shouldn’t be close enough to touch you. The music no longer plays on a loop (since I have documented this it is officially a feature and not a bug!) but if you want it to continue playing then you can reset it by pressing plus or minus.

I’ve also updated The Video Game but absolutely nothing about it’s gameplay or graphics have changed. It has however gained some cool new music. Audiotechnica’s Cerebral Corset now plays on a loop in the background and immediately gives the game an entirely different vibe that I find oddly fitting even if it is completely different from what I had originally envisioned.

Super Pixel Jumper v1.1
The Video Game v0.2