Hero City v0.5 – Wii


Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.

Here is an updated build of Hero City for Wii. There have been some slight changes in a few textures, changes to the way the player turns, changes in the placement of the sky box, changes in the placement of enemies, and some changes to the draw distance. It’s all minor tweaks that probably aren’t immediately obvious.

Wii controls:
Pointer = Turn
Analog stick = Move
A button = Jump
Z button = Run / Fly
C button = Left attack
Z button = Right attack

Download the Wii version

6 thoughts on “Hero City v0.5 – Wii”

  1. Your work is great! I’ve just started learning to make a few clunky demos for the Wii, and I eagerly await your source dump. I’m sure it will teach me a lot. For example, I still can’t figure out how to use a non-static array for indexed positions, but you must be doing something like that for the performance you’re getting.

    1. I’ll probably post source tomorrow. Probably not for every Wii game but definitely for Hero City and a few other things. Sorry it’s taken me longer then I originally said it would.

  2. STOP USING RAPIDSHARE… the worst download service EVER!

    You have to wait 6 MINUTES!!!!! just to download a 2mb file..Thats just crazy

    1. I’m pretty sure there is no waiting time (or no significant waiting time) unless you had already just downloaded another file from them. Which means that it isn’t a problem unless you are downloading a ton of separate files. I think you need to take a chill pill. Six minutes isn’t that long. Just open another tab and go do something else while you wait.

      But anyways it was a choice motivated by necessity. Uploading to Multiupload (which is what i was using previously for small homebrew releases like this) doesn’t seem to work anymore (I just tried again now and uploading still seems to be broken). Megaupload is gone. Fileserve and Uploadstation closed my accounts and have effectively shut down completely. DDL sites were dropping like flies for a while there. Rapidshare works reliably and they publicly stated that they don’t plan to shut down.

      In the future try to be more constructive when criticizing shit. If you are going to complain about something then try suggesting a viable alternative. Or is the intended implication that I shouldn’t be uploading things anywhere?

      I’ll use Mediafire for the next few things but I’ll probably still end up using Rapidshare occasionally.

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