The largely incomplete Wii source code dump

I’ve uploaded a rar file containing the source code for nearly everything I’ve ever released on Wii (there are still a few things missing from it). It also contains Visual Studio project files and the necessary libraries for compiling Windows versions, Photoshop file and a bunch of other stuff. Some of them may be a little bit different then they were in their last public release (camera rotation and zoom for example in Tick Tock Car Race should be more efficient). Some of them may not compile properly and if they do they may not run correctly on Wii. But all of the games that I’ve released recently (last month or two) should be fine.

You can download it here.

As an added bonus here is the source code for Dance Clone (which isn’t included in the above archive).

4 thoughts on “The largely incomplete Wii source code dump”

    1. Nope. I’ll still be releasing Wii homebrew. In fact I have a new super secret Wii project that I’m working on right now (but I probably won’t be posting that for awhile). I just wanted to put this stuff online for anyone that might find it useful.

    1. I think it was over a GB before I compressed it. It has compiled copies of a lot of stuff (often multiple versions) and the music I used and a lot of other junk that contributed to the size a lot more then the actual source code.

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