A preview of upcoming homebrew

This year’s Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition ends in a couple months and I’m working on two games for it. Neither of them are anywhere near to completion and I want to get more done before I start releasing releasing playable beta versions. But I’m really excited about both of them and I thought it would be cool to show a little preview so here are a few screenshots.

The first game is Hero City 2. It’s an open world game like it’s predecessor but I’m hoping to get more done this time in terms of gameplay. On the technical side it’s already vastly superior. The city is being generated in a way that uses as few polygons as possible without sacrificing anything so now you can have the entire game world on screen at the same time (there are no more disappearing buildings). Even enemies can be seen from all the way across the city. There are lots of other nice touches like drop shadows that split apart to adjust to the height of the ground. Now there is lighting for the environment. Even the collision system is more efficient and now allows for enemies to be on roof tops. The art style for the characters has changed too with the once blocky people being replaced with more detailed models that all have a nice comic book style / cell shaded outline.

The other game is Time Frack 3D. It’s a third person shooter with the ability to slow down and even reverse time. I’m pretty sure that it’s also the first Wii game I’ve made that has real time lighting. But it isn’t in any way intended to imitate real world lighting. Instead the people and anything else that can be moved has this glow around their edge as if they are being lit from behind or like the camera is somehow projecting darkness which I just think looks incredibly cool. I’m also doing some stuff differently with this that should help the character animation turn out better then it has in some of my past projects.

Before you ask why it has 3D at the end of the title it’s to help differentiate it from the other one. I’m planning to make/remake a 2D version of Time Frack that will hopefully show up on multiple platforms but I’m considering that less of a priority then Time Frack 3D and it likely won’t be done in time or made for the competition.

6 thoughts on “A preview of upcoming homebrew”

  1. my god I love seeing new stuff! makes me all tingly inside! please tell me you can pick up and throw cars!

    I was working on something as well until MW3 killed my wii disc drive 🙁 hopefully the shop can fix it!

    1. You probably won’t be able to pick up and throw cars (unless I get everything else done sooner then expected) but being able to push cars around by punching them is a very real possibility.

      I hope everything works out well with your Wii.

      1. ok, I understand how it goes with development, only so many hours in the day, I just threw it out there eitherway.
        Is there any other library that can be used to develop 3d C stuff on windows and port it quickly to wii without using SDL? (sdl kinda rubs me the wrong way). I want something simple. the wii is simple, windows libraries – not so much – especially 3d ones.

  2. Hi,

    Can you please upload the source code for this Game. I am really inetrested to see the source code.

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