The Catachthonic v0.9 – PS3

Here is the first PS3 release of The Catachthonic (a 3D first/third person game/toy with an interactive environment and a verity of random abilities).

Use the left analog stick to move, right analog stick to aim, X to jump, Circle to switch from first and third person view, Square to perform an action (like raising the ground, spawning a block, spawning a person to follow you, turning on or off slow motion, etc), and use the left and right buttons to change what action you will be performing.

Download the PS3 version
Download the PS3 version

P.S. if you if you enjoyed this piece of homebrew then you can show your appreciation by voting for it / liking it at psx-scene.

3 thoughts on “The Catachthonic v0.9 – PS3”

  1. This is good…
    i played it nice homebrew.
    95% of ps3 scene want to pirate games.
    3% of (Good) people want more developers to make homebrew.
    2% are E.T’s studying human society and nature.

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