The Catachthonic v0.95 – PS3

So I’ve fixed the bug that caused The Catachthonic to crash in certain situations on PS3 and re wrote some other things.

I’ve added on screen text informing you of what kind of ability you have selected, you can now destroy blocks while they are falling, now you can reset everything without needing to exit the game and I also made some changes to the controls.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Aim
L1 = Switch between first and third person view
R1 = Perform an action
Directional pad = Change what action you will perform
Select = reset the world

Download the PS3 version from Brewology
Download the PS3 version from PlatonicRobot

P.S. if you if you enjoyed this piece of homebrew then you can show your appreciation by liking it and voting for it in this months psx-scene contest. You can do the same with the previous version.

4 thoughts on “The Catachthonic v0.95 – PS3”

  1. voted for this on psx-scene, though i normally only visit ps3news. Great job and imagination, and hope to see some source. would love to see how you create your worlds in PS3!

  2. hey wololo, ima vote for ya on the psx-scene. i wanted to ask if the source code for this is avalible? lol i wanted to go ahead and give in and compile the source code myself just becuse its really fun. you did a great job on this sandbox like game. me? im still working on PMW NATION “First person shooter RPG” engine release for cfw. i jus been takeing some time off latly as i have been messing around with the pss suite. i wounder if you been doing the same? ;_)

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