UFO Racer v3.1 – Wii & PS3


Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.
You can find a screenshot of it here.

The completely remade 3D edition of UFO Racer is finally on Wii! The Wii port even features motion controls like it did in the 2D version that preceded this.

Along with porting it I’ve made a few improvements. The high score is saved every time you finish a lap, there is now on screen text telling you what your time was from the previous lap, there have been slight changes to the track geometry and texture, the track is now loaded from an external file (it was previously hard coded into the game) and the font used for on screen text has also changed.

It’s a minor update for PS3 but there will be more to come in the future. I’m planning to add a level editor.

Download the Wii version from PlatonicRobot.com
Download the PS3 version from PlatonicRobot.com
Download the PS3 version from Brewology.com

P.S. You can vote for this in the monthly psx-scene contest!

2 thoughts on “UFO Racer v3.1 – Wii & PS3”

    1. The track position numbers (the first set of number at the top of the screen)? Those numbers just communicate how far along the track you are (that’s the first number) and how long the track is in total (that’s the second number).

      The current track is made out of 46 tiles (the track is on a grid) and each tile is assigned a number (in this case ranging inclusively from 0 to 45) in the order that they are placed. So if the first number is 0 then it means you are at the very beginning of the track, if it is 26 then you are half way through the track and if it is 45 it means that you are at the end and are about to begin a new lap.

      I’ll probably eventually replace it with a minimap or some kind of progress bar which would presumably be easier to quickly read.

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