They Do Not Die 2 v0.8 – Windows & Wii & PS3

Here is a small update for They Do Not Die 2 along with its first Windows release.

I’ve added blood and corpses. On Wii and PS3 they quickly shrink until they disappear but on Windows they fade instead of shrink (which I think looks a lot better) and there can be more of them in the game world at a time which means that they disappear more slowly.

I’ve also made a handful of minor and most likely unnoticeable changes (mostly related to city generation).

Windows controls:
WASD = Move
Mouse cursor = Aim
Right mouse button = Fire the rocket launcher
Left mouse button = Fire the machine gun
Left shift = Run
Space = Pause

Wii controls:
Analog stick = Move
Pointer = Aim
Left = Fire the rocket launcher
Down = Fire the machine gun
Right = Fire the shotgun
A = Run
B = Fire the machine gun
Plus = Pause
Minus = Pause

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Aim
L1 = Fire the rocket launcher
R1 = Fire the machine gun
L2 = Fire the shotgun
L3 = Run
Start = Pause

Download the Windows version from
Download the Wii version from
Download the PS3 version from
Download the PS3 version from

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8 thoughts on “They Do Not Die 2 v0.8 – Windows & Wii & PS3”

  1. Awesome work. I know you said sounds would probably not be a possibility for this game last time I was asking about it but I remembered one other thing that would be cool if it’s possible. I know there’s already a spot that shows your score but it would be cool to have a top ten where you could put your initials. It could show when you die or as an option in the main menu of the game. Just my two cents, keep up the good work

  2. Have you made anything using motion controls? I bet you could make something great out of it. Something simple but fun, a 3d hack and slash with a Motion+ sword. Just like hero city but with a sword

  3. Can the non Zombie characters, the humans, have more of a point or know when there in a room?

  4. For some reason I can’t move at all on the Wii version. Tried two different nunchucks that worked with other games and nothing at all. Everything else works fine though… Any Help??

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