Wii Exhibit v0.1 – Wii

Wii Exhibit is an online image editor for Wii. Everyone shares the same canvas so everyone can see what you’re drawing.

Press the B button to draw in black or the A button to draw in white. You can draw a straight line by holding down the button and releasing it where you want the line to end. You can refresh the image without drawing on it by pressing the 1 or 2 button.

I’ll readily admit that it actually really sucks right now but I’ll be updating it and I have high hopes for it. Excluding browser based stuff this is the first piece of software I’ve ever made that connects to the internet so I’m pretty psyched that it works at all. You can expect to see online multiplayer and scoreboards in a lot of my future Wii homebrew releases.

Online interactions obviously not rated by the ESRB. Don’t be too surprised if someone draws a dick or something. It’s an inevitability (assuming that people actually use this) and I have zero interest in trying to moderate what people draw.

Download the Wii version from PlatonicRobot.com

2 thoughts on “Wii Exhibit v0.1 – Wii”

    1. It basically freezes for like a second every time you draw a line which makes it incredibly annoying to use. But I already have some ideas for how to cut down on how much bandwidth is used which will hopefully make it more responsive. I’m also going to finally look into how multithreading works on Wii and try to get it so you can continue to move the cursor around and maybe even draw well the image is updating.

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