Wii Exhibit v0.2 – Wii

Well this update took longer than it should have. I’m going to try to be more productive. I haven’t been programing much lately.

In this version you can adjust the thickness of the lines you draw and even their color. Along with white and black you can now draw in red green and blue. The three new colors will appear black to anyone still running version 0.1 of Wii Exhibit.

I’ve also overhauled the dashboard / home menu. It’s mostly behind the scenes stuff and little fixes. The most significant change is the addition of a network page which you can access by pressing the aptly labeled button on the right side of the bottom bar of the home menu. It isn’t being used for much right now but I have plans for it and I’ll be talking more about it later.

Download the Wii version from PlatonicRobot.com

2 thoughts on “Wii Exhibit v0.2 – Wii”

    1. All you send to the server is information about the line (the coordinates of it’s beginning and end along with it’s thickness and color) but you are re downloading the entire image every time and it isn’t compressed in any way. There isn’t any multithreading happening.

      I had intended to do a lot of things to try and make it more responsive but it had already been over a month since the first release and I don’t know when or if I’m going to get those things working so I decided to just post what I had done. I’m still going to work on improving this though.

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