The Catachthonic v0.95 – Wii

Here is an update version of The Catachthonic for Wii. It now has lighting and the ability to remove blocks while they are falling (just like the PS3 version) and I’ve removed the dirt from above you and made some optimizations that should improve performance. I don’t remember what it was running at on average in the last release but when there there aren’t any blocks being added/removed/repositioned it runs at a smooth 60 frames per second even after the world has become fairly complex.

Wii controls:
Analog stick = Move
IR pointer = Aim
C = Jump
B = Action
Left and Right = Change action
A = Change view

Download the Wii version from

3 thoughts on “The Catachthonic v0.95 – Wii”

  1. It runs pretty well. The enemies seem to be the most costly to the frame rate. Whats preventing you from making a simple block building game with this engine? I tried building a couple tests but I always seem to get distracted trying to optimize the draw distance.

    1. What kind of block building game? This admittedly isn’t a game yet but you can build things with blocks in it.

      My current plan is to make this into a simple score based arena shooter (with a destructible environment) although I’ll be keeping the sandbox mode in as an option.

      1. Yeah but the size of the blocks are too small. It would take forever to build anything with blocks that small. And there is no marker to show where the block will land.

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