Cherophobe v1.1 – Wii

Here is an updated version of everyone favorite smiley faced FPS.

This version adds an online scoreboard. Your score is automatically uploaded to when you die and if there is an account with your Wii number then the score gets added to the board.

To be clear: Your score is only added to the scoreboard if you have a account that is associated with your Wii’s friend code.

The scoreboard itself isn’t really built directly into the game but you can view peoples high scores by going to the network section of the game’s home menu. This means that you can check peoples scores even when you are playing other homebrew games (assuming that they were made by me and released in the last few months).

I also fixed a simple bug that caused intangible enemies and probably other problems. I don’t know how it went unnoticed for so long. Maybe it was only introduced when I did the PS3 port…

My current high score is 380.

Download the Wii version from