Wii Chatter v0.1 – Wii

Wii Chatter is a chat room program. You post text and people can read it.

The onscreen keyboard can’t yet switch between uppercase and lowercase yet so it’s going to seem like everyone is screaming for a little while. Fixing that is pretty high up on my to do list. If it really bothers anyone I can make changes on the server side to make everything lowercase well you wait for the next version. Do you think a QWERTY layout would be better? I’d like to also add support for USB keyboards.

Hopefully it will get into the homebrew browser sometime soon. It’s been over a month since the last batch of games/updates were added. I’m thinking about making a homebrew browser alternative and/or making my games self updating. It seems like there is still a reasonable (though certainly declining) number of people playing Wii homebrew but only a small minority of people visit dev sites like this or even general homebrew news sites to get the latest versions of brew.

I’m probably going to replace the home menu / dashboard UI I use in all my stuff with not blue versions of the UI elements I made for this. Because of reasons. Any objections?

Download the Wii version from PlatonicRobot.com

5 thoughts on “Wii Chatter v0.1 – Wii”

  1. I am not really sure how many people are playing wii homebrew. I just like coding in c, released a game last week and I am not even sure who played it.

    1. I like coding too and it is why I make games. It’s just that lately I’ve been getting more interested in online stuff and I’ve been wanting to work on multi player games. It just sucks to think that if I do make something like an online FPS for Wii I’ll probably never be able to actually play (or at least not spontaneously).

      But at the least there are definitely still enough homebrew users out there for asynchronous stuff to work.

      I have no idea if Wii Exhibit is really all that representative of other homebrew but it is still being drawn on somewhat regularly so people must be using it. But only in black and white with default width lines which is what makes me think people are only using what is available in the Homebrew Browser (since I added support for a other colors and line thicknesses over a month ago but v0.1 is still all that is in the browser).

      I’ve been meaning to work on some kind of proper stat tracking. I think it could be interesting to see what is still getting played and how often.

      1. yeah, I have still not yet figured out how the online stuff works. I am not sure. I think once there is a nice app that is simple and competitive and connects quickly it will be enough to draw a few people to drop in multiplayer. how possible is it to get good ping rates in homebrew? is a multiplayer FPS even possible? is P2P Wii-2-Wii possible?

  2. I just tried Wii Chatter, its really cool but typing was a massive task, I could type faster if you could use the D-Pad instead of the pointer.

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