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I’d like to get all of my homebrew updated and have the same home menu in all of them. In the process of doing so I’ll be getting things organized in a way that will make it easier for me to do batch updates in the future and continue supporting titles in the long term. The 15 from yesterday was a good start but there are still roughly 30 to do.

Some of them should be easy enough to update. Others don’t seem to be working anymore when I recompile them and I’ll need to spend some time figuring out why. Finally there are some (like Dance Clone and Time Frack 2D) that I want to just completely discard and remake.

1bit Invaders
Cascade Beneath
Cubicle Shooter
Cylinder Dodge
Dance Clone
Dont Get Crushed
Elongated Reptile
Hero City
Hypno Blast
Neo Tanks
Neo Trail
Slime Roll
Super Pixel Jumper
Swingball 2
That Other Pong
The Catachthonic
The Jarred Mind 3
The Unmapped Forest
The Untitled Project
The Video Game
They Do Not Die
They Do Not Die 2
Tick Tock Boat Race
Tick Tock Car Race
Tick Tock Tank Fight
Tick Tock Zombie Shooter
Time Frack 2D
Transitory Vectors
Two Point Five

In addition to the homebrew titles that I’ve already released there are a few that I’ve begun working on but haven’t ported to Wii yet. Some of these I haven’t released yet on any platform.

Pokemon (the one I released for PS3 awhile ago and haven’t yet properly named)
Cubicle Shooter City (already on PS3 but not yet Wii and I want to add a tech demo ish mode with procedurally destructible buildings)
4096A (an SRPG I started working on after spending too much time playing Just Breed)
Neo Race (needs a Wii port)
Sliding Death Cubes (a simple little game I was making but haven’t yet finished)
The JarredMind 2 & The Jarred Mind 1 (more of the same from 3)
Tick Tock Moddable (already available for Windows but it’s incomplete and I had trouble getting it working on Wii)
Time Frack 3D (I’ve posted some screenshots already)
The World Drowns (I want to completely remake this and maybe have online multi player)
Soft Poly (tech demo sorta thing I want to do that has no practical use)

and obviously I’d like to continue updating things beyond just getting them working with the new home menu. I especially want to make improvements to Wii Chatter.

This is going to take me awhile…

Is there anything that you would like to see me give priority to?

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        1. It’s the kind of thing that could be almost no work at all or could take months of frustration and never actually work.

          I’ve never done anything involving networking on PS3 (using the official SDK or PSL1GHT). I don’t know how it works.

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