Cubicle Shooter City v0.1 – Wii

Here is the long overdue Wii port of my PS3 game titled Cubicle Shooter City. It borrows the character models from Cubicle Shooter and the environment from the Hero City games to make a simple top down shooter. TBH I don’t think it’s a very good game and I highly recommend playing 1bit Invaders or They Do Not Die 2 instead.

This Wii port also features a new destruction mode that brings the camera down behind the player and lets you shoot square shaped holes into the walls of buildings. It’s more of a tech demo then a game mode but I’m still very proud of this part. It’s all procedural. The city’s geometry becomes more complex as you shoot it up and once it reaches a certain point it resets and sends you back to the main menu.

Download the Wii version from

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    1. It can definitely go higher and I’ll probably raise the limit if I ever update this. I just didn’t want to spend the time figuring out exactly what the limit was. It was crashing/freezing before it got to twice what 100% is right now.

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