2 Wii homebrew updates

Here are two more updated games of mine. Both have online scoreboards (don’t forget to go check your scores by hitting the network button in the bottom right corner of the home menu) and all the other coolness that my other recent releases have had. They are really ports of the PS3 ports of the original games. So they don’t use SDL anymore and look (and probably play) slightly differently from their previous Wii versions. Neither of them has music (as I remember it the Cascade Beneath music wasn’t very good anyways).

CascadeBeneath v1.1
DontGetCrushed v1.2

2 thoughts on “2 Wii homebrew updates”

    1. Next time I update the home menu I’m going to make it so the news window on the right side can have links (so it will replace that first page you see when you press the network button) and get rid of the network button.

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