Sneak Peeks

I haven’t posted anything new in AGES. So I thought I’d give you a preview of a few of the things I have been messing around with.

a new Hero City game


a 2d platformer (with pixel art by my amazing fiancee)


a visually simplified No Man’s Sky esque space exploration shooter complete with Mario Galaxy style physics that will let you run around the surface of the small procedurally generated planets


and even a comic book reader


6 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks”

  1. Hey that ThatOtherDev (It’s STLcardsWS) from PSX-Scene scene. I was worried about you. Good to see you around.

    These sneak peaks looks amazing. What platforms do you have targeted for these?

    Hope all is going well!!!!!

    1. It’s tagged as Wii and Windows, but he has a tendency to port hero city games to PS3. Please do so thatotherdev, your homebrews are always inspiring and welcome. 🙂

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