Cascade Beneath v1.0 – GP2X

Here is a GP2X remake of my PS3 homebrew game titled Cascade Beneath. Its a simple fall down clone. You just move from side to side and try not to let the platforms push you off the top of the screen as they slide up.

Like with Dont Get Crushed the game increases in speed as you play it.

One random nice little feature is that it automatically saves what you have the volume set at. So if you want to mute it completely, turn it up blaring loud or set it somewhere between you wont need to do it again the next time you start up the game. Unlike with the high score though (which saves as soon as you get a new one) the volume setting is only saved when you exit the game (by hitting select) so it wont save if you quite by turning off the power.

The background music is Zombie Fighting Unicorn by Primaerfunktion.

Download the GP2X version
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OpenHandhelds Archive link

Cascade Beneath v0.1 and source code – PS3


Full disclosure: The above YouTube video is a recording of the game running on PC and not PS3. The game is identical on PS3 though.

Cascade Beneath is a simple clone of the equally simple game Fall Down. Use the left analog stick to move left and right and try to keep from getting pushed off the top of the screen for as long as possible.

Download the PS3 version
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Download the PS3 version’s Source Code
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