Dance Clone v0.4 – Wii

Here is the long overdue update to dance clone!

For those of you previously having trouble running it off of a USB storage device this should probably fix it for you. It will also of course still work perfectly from an SD card.

As requested you can now also play the game using a Classic controller D-Pad.

There are now hold notes (arrows that you need to hold down for an extended period of time rather then just tapping). The random step generator doesn’t use them yet so the step file for Rekcahdam’s Dance, NOW! (the included song) does have any. But if you import a Step Mania file (which I’m assuming is how most of you are getting most of your songs and step files anyways) that uses them then they will get used in the game.

After you select a song it will now not only check if the song has a Dance Clone step file but will also check what difficulty modes that file has tracks for rather then assuming its setup for all of them (a LOT of available Step Mania songs don’t actually have 5 difficulty modes). Instead of just making them unclickable now it wont even show buttons for difficulty modes that are unavailable.

There are a verity of other small fixes and changes and things. Some things should be faster and a very small portion of files that couldn’t be imported previously may now be importable and there should be fewer crashes. I also widened the range in which hitting a step will count as perfect instead of good.

Download Links for Wii version

Dance Clone v0.3 – Wii

I got around to doing some more on Dance Clone.

You can import sm (StepMania) format step files now. Its incomplete and wont fully (or perhaps even at all) work with some files but should work with the majority of sm files. I was using “Burning Me Up” (its part of one of the contest winning song packs at though I don’t remember which one) for testing and it works perfectly with it.

There are now five difficulty modes just like with most DDR style games.

There are a bunch of changes and additions in terms of menus. There is a title screen now along with a credits screen and now you can select to create new replacement step files for songs that already have one (rather then needing to exit the game and manually delete the file).

There is a home menu (the menu that comes up when you hit the home button) now and along with being able to exit the game and do stuff like that from the home menu you can also take screen shots with it (png or bmp format).

There are some other little changes also.

Download Links for Wii version

Dance Clone – Wii

Here it is: the newly improved Dance Clone for Wii. There is still a LOT left to be done and its still far from being comparable to something like Step Mania or Dance Dance Revolution but I think its definitely a step up from the last release.

The main menu lists all the mp3 audio files located at /apps/DanceClone/Music/ and you can select what song you want to play using the wiimote cursor and the A button. For playing the actual game once the song start you can use the wiimote D-pad, A GameCube D-pad or a GameCube/Wii dance mat. Hit the home button at any time to exit.

As with the PC version the included song is “Dance, NOW!” by RekcahDam but the arrow placement file has been updated. There doesn’t seem to be the same delay before the audio starts as there is with the PC version (on my PC anyways) so I had to place the arrows 200 milliseconds earlier to keep them in sync with the song.

If you want to play a song that doesn’t yet have an arrow placement file then a menu will appear allowing you to quickly generate one. I’ll talk more about arrow placement later.

Download Links for Wii version

What the blurg!?

Everything is working on the Wii version with the exception of the audio. Yeah that is a significant exception.

The freaken audio refuses to play. I did it the same way I did before when I was testing it out only it wont seem to work anymore. I’ve lost some files since then including some Wii project folders so I cant compare to see if I’m doing anything differently but I’m sure I’m doing it all correctly and everything compiles fine and behaves the way it should but there just isn’t any sound playing. So I figured screw libogc’s MP3Player. I used SDL_Mixer for the PC version and its what I would rather use anyways so I’ll use that. SDL_Mixer got ported over along with SDL and other people have used it so obviously it should be possible. Unfortunately it has conspired along with the other Wii audio libraries to torment me. I’ve made progress with it and I no longer get over 9000 errors whenever I try to compile a Wii game that uses it but I do still get errors.

I’m going to go back and try to figure out why libogc’s MP3Player isn’t doing what it should be doing and if I cant figure it out I’ll take a whack at resolving the seemingly last remaining problem I have with SDL_Mixer.

EDIT: Booyah! I just got it (libogc’s MP3Player) working again! To be honest I’m not totally sure how I got it working (I think it was the change of the order I had things listed in the makefile though) but anyways its working! I’m going to go do something else right now but I should definitely have the Wii version of the game finished up and posted before the end of the day.

Dance Clone – Windows

That’s right, I FINALLY stopped being lazy (or become comparably less lazy) and went back and remade (though I recycled most of the sprites with minimal changes) Dance Clone and made improvements. This versions for Windows PCs but it shouldn’t be too much work to get it to compile for Wii so you can probably expect that for tomorrow. The included song is “Dance, NOW!” by RekcahDam. Enjoy!

Download Links for Windows PC version

Dance Clone


Its far from done and along with other missing functionality it doesn’t even have audio but here is the beginnings of my Wii homebrew DDR clone. Its intended to be played with a GameCube/Wii dance mat but will work fine with a regular GC controller d-pad or a wiimote d-pad. Just hit the corresponding directional button to match the arrows as they reach the top. You get either a perfect or good rating based on how well you time it or you will get a booed if you totally miss an arrow. The game is completely frame rate independent so even if the currently great frame rate starts to go down or becomes inconsistent the game will always stay in sync with the soon to be added music. Also well the game currently “randomly” generates the arrow placement its setup in a way that will make it incredibly easy to have it save and load the placement from an external file once I create the editor. Another thing is that well the randomly placed arrows are placed at a consistent rate (there is 140 of them per minute and there all evenly separated) Theres nothing that about the way its setup that necessitates that so songs with inconsistent speeds will be more then possible. The top bars distance from the top of the screen, the arrow scroll speed, and what distance good and perfect fall into should all be considered temporary and will be tweaked.