Dont Get Crushed v1.0 – GP2X

I’ve already released it for Wii, PC, PS3 and DS. So now here it is remade yet again. This time its for GP2X.

Dont Get Crushed is a simple game in which you must move left and right to avoid being crushed by balls that bounce across the screen. The longer you survive the faster the game moves and the higher your score will be. Its a clone of the iPhone game Falling Balls which I’ve admittedly never actually played.

The background music is Bunny on the Moon by yerzmyey.

Download the GP2X version
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Nintendomax DS Dev Compétition 2010

The results are in for the Nintendomax DS Dev Compétition 2010.

In the end there where a total of thirteen entries and two of them where mine. My game Multi View came in fourth place and my other game Dont Get Crushed came in tenth. I’ll admit that I was hoping that one of them might make it into the top three. If I had gotten some music or sound effects into it maybe Multi View would have made it… But I’m happy with the results. Fourth place isn’t bad considering that I never fully completed the game and was totally new to developing for the platform when I made it.

It was fun competing and learning how to code homebrew for DS. I would just like to applaud all of the other competitors on the great quality of their submissions and congratulate Sverx, Smealum and Relminator for winning.

I’m looking forward to participating in any competitions that Nintendomax has in the future.

Dont Get Crushed 1.0 – DS


Here is my first DS game!

I originally wasn’t going to enter it into the NintendoMax competition but I’m happy with how it turned out and it seems to be alright to enter multiple games (I have at least one other that I want to enter) so I did.

Its essentially the same game as it is on Wii, PC and PS3 with some slight tweaks. But now instead of tilt/motion controls you use the touch screen. The touch screen controls are awesome and I seriously prefer it over the previous motion controls. I’m considering this the best of the versions. The movement speed of the balls also increases now as you play so that provides some extra challenge that the previous versions lacked.

Download the DS version
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Dont Get Crushed v1.0 and source – PS3


Notable changes:

Analog stick controls have been replaced with sixaxis motion controls
Corrected the problem with the on screen text
The graphics shouldn’t look stretched anymore (now the circles are circles)


Just tilt your controller left or right to move left or right

Download the PS3 version
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Download the Source Code
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Dont Get Crushed v0.1 and source code – PS3

Don’t Get Crushed is a PS3 port/remake of my previously released Wii game of the same name.

Use the left analog stick to move the grey ball left or right and avoid the other balls as they bounce across the screen. If you get crushed under one of the bouncing balls then its game over and your score is reset to zero. Your high score is automatically saved to your hard drive.

Download the PS3 version
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Download the PS3 version’s Source Code
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Dont Get Crushed v1.0 – Wii & Windows

I know that (with the exception of yesterdays PC exclusive thing) all I’ve been doing lately has been updating previously released games. So here is something “new”.

Several months ago aidman650 made a request on the wiibrew forum for a remake of an iPhone game called Falling Balls. Despite how much time has past and how simple of a game it seems to be nobody had done it yet. So I did. I’ve never actually played Falling Balls (I don’t have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and I’m not particularly interested in getting any of them) but I think what I ended up with is fairly similar to the game as its shown in videos.

You just tilt the wiimote (The PC version uses keyboard controls but on Wii its all motion controlled) to move your ball from side to side and try to avoid the other balls that fall and bounce across the screen. The longer you avoid them the higher your score.

The background music is Bunny on the Moon by yerzmyey.

Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version