Maze Generator v1.0 – PS3 source code

I wasn’t really expecting there to be any demand for it. There is a shortage of information on developing for PS3 but Maze Generator is essentially the same as the testapp included with the SDK (I’m using v1.92 but I assume the same examples are included with the other leaked versions of the SDK) with only relatively minor alterations. I suppose the code for the actual maze generation might be of some interest but its not in any way PS3 specific and there is tons of info on depth-first search already available online. But in any case, based on the comments on other sites it seems like people just really want source code. So here it is.

I would love to see anything that people make using it or any improvements you make to it.

Download the PS3 version’s Source Code

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Download the PS3 version’s Source Code

When I have an updated version of Cubicle Shooter ready I’ll include the source code for it with it.

Maze Generator v1.0 – PS3

Maze Generator randomly generates mazes. You play as a red circle and can navigate the mazes using the directional pad. A new maze is generated when you reach the red square at the end.

Unlike the previously released Wii and PC versions it doesn’t have music, a textured background, a menu, or multiple options for maze sizes and you cant watch the mazes being generated. But what it does have that they lacked is a 3d camera system. You can move it around freely using the analog sticks.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue working on improving this. I’m fairly happy with how it is already but if people like it and have any suggestions for improvements then I’ll add them.

I’ve already moved on to another PS3 game though. Its going to be a first person shooter with destructible environments. its working out well so far and I might even have an early demo of it to share as soon as tomorrow.

Download the PS3 version

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Download the PS3 version

Maze Generator coming to PS3

I’ve started remaking Maze Generator for PS3. I know its not the most fun game (it was always more of a demo then a game) but its just something simple for me to work on well familiarizing myself with developing for PS3. Its going well so far and I expect I’ll probably complete it sometime today. I haven’t completely decided what I’ll be working on for PS3 once I’m done with Maze Generator but I think I’ll probably do a simple first person shooter.

Maze Generator v1.1 – Wii & Windows

Here is an update for another old game of mine.

I completely rewrote everything and made some improvements. You can now select from three sizes of mazes to generate and navigate. The way collisions are handled with the maze walls is significantly different and as a result its easier to go around corners. I added background music (Lose It by Southbound Cinema). Support for both nunchuck and classic controllers has been added but you can of course still play with just a wiimotes directional pad if you want to.

I had also started working in enemies for you to avoid which would bounce around the screen (passing through the maze walls) but in the end I decided against it and cut them out… If you want to play that kind of game there is always Avoidance.

Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

Maze Generator


Use your wiimote dpad to navigate the blue block through randomly generated mazes and try to find your way to the other blue block.

That is pretty much all there is to it. You can optionally watch the maze being created (just hit 1 or 2 at the menu screen and it will slow down the process and render it on screen as its doing it) or you can just get started right away (hit a and it will only take a sec to make the maze and wont present you with it until its done).

I had just read an article about automated Depth-First Search maze creation and thought it seemed interesting so I went about writing up the random maze generator based on it. Everything outside of the random level generator (the graphics, the controls, the actual game play and goal) where all an afterthought made to justify to myself why I had made this. As a result its not really that great of a game. The mazes are really easy to figure out and tend to not really give you enough opportunities to make mistakes. The controls kinda suck just because of how fast you move and how small you and the path ways are on screen.

I’m happy with it though. It didn’t take too long to make and most of the time was actually spent on somewhat unrelated things that will probably come in handy for future homebrew games. I can definitely see myself adapting the maze generator a bit and using it in future games (I just love the idea of randomly/procedurally generated game environments). I really like the look of it. I really like how the title screen and in game background turned out looking and I love how the crisp and simple black maze walls look on it. I think the two blue blocks ruin the aesthetic a bit but it was necessary for the sake of gameplay that they be the way they are.

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