Revolt Of The Binary Couriers mapped

Here is the map for Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers. Click it to see it in “large” which isn’t particularly large and is actually seriously downsized cuz flickr is a mean jerk like that but is also free and cool about hotlinking. If anyone wants to see it full sized I’ll upload it elsewhere.

Alternatively if your awesome like me then click here to read me rant about how maps sucks.

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers for GP2X

I finished my first app for GP2X (I know I’m kinda late to the party… All the cool nerds have Dingoos and Pandora pre orders) and it comes in the form of a port of Revolt Of The Binary Couriers.

I’ll confess though that I’m not really sure what the deal is for GP2X software compatibility. I have an old GP2X F100 and that is what it was made for and tested with. It will presumably also work perfectly with a GP2X F200 but I’m doubtful about whether or not it will run on a GP2X Wiz. I’m under the impression that they cant run stuff made for the earlier models. Feel free to correct me about that if I’m wrong though.

The game runs smoothly and is functionally essentially a direct copy of the Wii and PC versions. I did cut out diagonal walking because it didn’t seem to be controlling very well with it in. I’m not sure whether it was the fault of something about the way that I wrote it or just the joystick sucking but either way I wasn’t completely sure about including diagonal walking so it doesn’t bother me to see it go.

Aside from the minor change in walking controls the only difference is that it seems to be a bit slower to save your game. Its not brutally or game ruining slow but a noticeable five to ten seconds which I think is longer then it takes with Wii and certainly longer then it takes on my PC. Still its not as bad as it was originally. When I first ported it over it took roughly 8 minutes to record your save game. That’s not an exaggeration. Eight minutes… I thought it had frozen at first. In the event that any programmers as noobish as me is reading this then take note that “n” is the same as endl minus the flush which means it is a LOT faster. Or at least its a lot faster with GP2X though I dunno why the unnecessary calls of endl didn’t slow the Wii version by much if at all. I also cut out some unnecessary data from the game saves (the files are bloated for reasons that I’m not going to get into now) which helped to cut down on the time but means that GP2X game saves aren’t interchangeable with Wii/PC ones.

The frame rate (which is running great now) wasn’t doing so well at first either. I was able to get it up though by switching over from using the normal PNG alpha channel to color keying which let me use SDL_DisplayFormat to optimize the sprites to the correct bit depth without it messing up whether or not certain pixels should be transparent (which is what was happening before when I tried to do it with sprites with transparent pixels) and that gave it surprisingly big bump in performance. Since The Wii and PC (on my lPC anyways) versions are already running at the intended 60 frames a second I’m not really in much of a rush to roll back the change though.

It also for some reason had some objection to me having an SDL surface named font. There was no warning or error message when compiling but it just sat frozen at a black screen when I tried to run it. I never had any trouble with the surface having that name on PC or Wii. It only took a second to rename the surface but a while to figure out that it was the problem…

But overall its was a fairly painless transition to get the game running which just makes it seem worse that I never wrote anything for GP2X back when I first got it. Though admittedly it probably would have been rougher for me then. I only started using SDL relatively recently and I’m not sure I had even done anything yet at the time in C++.

Download links for GP2X version

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers for Windows PC

Yesterday I posted the Wii homebrew release of Revolt Of The Binary Couriers (the sequel to Pineapple Apocalypse RPG). Now here it is for Windows PC! Unlike the PC version of the original Pineapple Apocalypse (which was made with DarkGDK) this was made purely with SDL just like Wii version and as a result no longer has any kind of dependency on DirectX (yay). Its also a complete match of the Wii version in terms of functionality (the PC version of Pineapple Apocalypse was missing game saving and a few other things) and isn’t missing out on anything. Enjoy!

Download links for Windows PC version

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers


Revolt Of The Binary Couriers is the sequel to Pineapple Apocalypse RPG and is the result of me typing random words in as a project name and then refusing to change the game title once its done. Hooray for nonsensical titles and plot less games.

Lame contest time: First person to post screen shots (there is a save screenshot option in the games home menu) with you talking to each of the 7 NPCs will win… Something… I dont know what. I’ll name a character after you in my next game or I’ll make a game based on your description or do something like that. Upload the pics to image shack or some similar site and post the link in my blog’s comments and let me know what you want.

The new world is four times the size of the original one. There are some new sprites. There are now the aforementioned NPCs that wander around the map and can be talked to (step up to them and they stop walking and some dialogue pops up on screen). there are boxes littered around the game world that you can collect. They dont actually serve any purpose but its not like the collect-a-thon is really any more aimless then the level grinding that the game focuses on. It isn’t a noticeable difference but the game is legitimately low rez this time. Last time I faked the retro look with pixelated looking sprites and by never positioning anything on screen anywhere that didn’t have two as a factor. This time around the game is actually rendered at 320×240 and then that small image is scaled up (nearest neighbor style) and drawn on screen. There is a new font. Most of the game was re written and the frame rate has been fixed up and now runs at the intended 60 frames per second (as apposed to the Wii version of the original Pineapple Apocalypse RPG which ran at a little bellow 30 and was noticeably unsmooth in its motion). I decided to enable walking at angles but since the character sprites dont have animations for it and I’m not sure I would be capable of making reasonable quality sprites at that resolution of characters walking at an angle it gives priority to the up down walking animations (if you walking down and to the left for example the characters play the walking down animation). I Didn’t add any new enemies but I corrected a mistake that was in the original Wii port which caused the last enemy on the list (giant mutant pineapple) to never appear. It no longer assumes you want to get fixe dup just because you bump up against a door and instead now requires you to hit accept. There is a game save/load menu. Some other changes also.

Hold the controller sideways (NES style) and use the directional pad to move and navigate menus. Press the two button to accept (in menus). Press either the plus or minus button to pause the game and bring up a menu for game saving and loading. As always hit the home button to bring up the home menu which allows you to exit the game.

Download links for Wii version

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG mapped

The fairly small range of vision and lack of an in game map was a very intentional part of the game but I figure that by now any people who were seriously interested in Pineapple Apocalypse RPG have probable already played it enough to have lost that initial interest so I figure there’s no harm in sharing this. Its a map of Pineapple Apocalypse RPG. Click it to see it in “large” (1024×1024) which is as big as it seems flickr will allow though even that is considerably downscale. If anyone wants the full sized pixel perfect image I’ll upload it somewhere else.

It looks a lot smaller when you see it all together at once like this… I had actually never seen the complete game world until I made this map a day ago. The way I placed the tiles that make up the world was just with a kind of hacked together in game editor (which come to think of it may still be accessible in the PC version though as I cant seem to remember whether or not I cut out the ability to activate the mode for the final version I posted) which didn’t actually give me any better a view of the world. I imagined it being bigger somehow.

Anyways the reason I bothered making the map was because I was messing around with updating Pineapple Apocalypse RPG for Wii. Nothing major and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to finishing the changes but I have already worked in the home menu system from my other games so it no longer just immediately exits out when you hit the home button. Adding in a confirmation screen for saving and loading will be really really easy to do. Mostly I’m just being lazy and avoiding learning how to get a simple Wii SD card file browser working (which is whats needed for that music player that I want for the menu system and to a lesser extent also the screenshot viewer). Once I get the file browser done I’ll be able to slap together the other changes I want and have a new version of Pineapple Apocalypse RPG up in no time. A Dance Clone update will then quickly follow it.

Also I’ve been messing around with making a Pineapple Apocalypse RPG sequel. Wont say more till I have more done.

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG for Wii


Well it really didn’t take too long. I have Pineapple Apocalypse RPG running on Wii and it even does a few things that the PC version doesn’t. For starters you can save and load your progress. It also costs you 1 gold to get repaired/healed which gives gold a bit of a purpose though your still likely never going to run out it.

Everything else is effectively the same as in the PC version.

Its not perfect though. Along with having the same shortcomings as the PC version (there still isnt really anything to do but wander and level grind) there are a few new problems. Most noticeably well it is (or should be) properly rendering at 640×480 just like on PC (its made to look even more low rez at 320×240 but it technically is 640×480) it doesn’t seem to be getting stretched to the screen properly and instead part of it is getting clipped off the top and bottom. It isnt game ruining though and you are still able to read all of the text though some of that text gets uncomfortably close to the edge of the screen. Maybe that could just my TV though. It also isn’t performing as well despite its simplicity. It runs at a constant smooth 60 frames even on my old computer but well I dont have it setup yet for me to be able to check the frame rate I had to basically make it do everything twice and only render once to make the game run at a comparable speed. Still 30 (or presumably somewhere just a little above or bellow that) frames per second isn’t really bad and it doesn’t seem too choppy to me.

For controls just old the wii remote sideways (NES controller style) and use the directional pad to move your character and also to navigate the menus. Use the 2 button to accept your selection and proceed through menus. Press the pluss button at any time when you arent in combat to save and hit the minus button at absolutely any time to load your save. Hitting the home button at any time will exit the game.

So just drop it into the apps folder on you SD card and try it out.


Video game port job

I’ve been meaning to get back into Wii homebrew so I’ve decided to port Pineapple Apocalypse to Wii. This time around I’m abandoning libwiisprite (which is what I had used for all my previous Wii homebrew games) and instead I’m going to be using SDL. I’ve already started messing around with it a little bit and I’m at the point where I dont really expect to hit any rode blocks so rewriting the game to run on Wii shouldn’t be too time consuming. Even aside from just getting more experience in Wii homebrew I’m kinda psyched about having a justification to work with SDL which will make it possible to more directly port things from platform to platform rather then in the case of this game which is essentially being remade because of its dependence on DarkGDK/DirectX which will never work on Wii. If I’m happy with it I’m considering going with SDL/OpenGL for all my future PC projects which will make Linux and Mac versions possible. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do once I have Pineapple Apocalypse running on Wii. I might improve upon it (admittedly it really is far from being a complete RPG) or bring it over to GP2X (I have an old GP2X F100 which I’ve always wanted to try programing something for but just never did) or mess around on Wii some more or maybe just return to PC stuff as usual and work some more on They Do Not Die which I’ve been neglecting for way to long.

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG final build


Things you need to know about Pineapple Apocalypse RPG:
You are a robot.
The apocalypse has occurred and/or is occurring.
Some pineapples have mutated.
Pineapples do not like robots.
Humans do not like robots.
No one and no thing likes robots.
Walking up to a building door repairs you for some reason.
Use WASD or the arrow keys along with the space or enter key to control yourself.
Plot is irrelevant.

Tons of updates from the previous post. I’m not going to bother getting into listing them off. Its still not exactly a complete game but its complete in the sense that I wont be updating it anymore (if I do feel the urge to make more of this style of game I’ll likely scrap what I have and start fresh). There is no end point or winning. You cant save your progress. What enemies you encounter is completely random and many of them are far over powered meaning that survival is often based on whether or not a random number generator decides whether you successfully run away or not. It is functional though and that is good enough for me for now.