The RPG game

Here’s a little something from that traditional 2D RPG I started working on. Combat system isn’t setup yet (if you run into someone just hit space or enter to auto win and end the fight) but you can walk around (use WASD or the arrow keys) and although there also isn’t a properly setup environment yet since I haven’t built a level editor to construct one with yet so by default everything is water but you can place land yourself (just hold down any mouse key and patches of grass will be generated wherever the mouse is and it will automatically determine what if any second layer tile to use for the shoreline). I’ve also decided that its going to be set in a fictional future and your playing as a robot. I know that conflicts a bit with traditional retro RPG conventions but I’m not really very into Dungeons and Dragons types of stuff and the setting wont change the game play.

I’m going to go back to working on They Do Not Die and Time Frack for now and maybe even get back to doing a bit more for The World Drowns.


Pixel Art

I suck at pixel art but I’m fairly happy with what I’ve made so far to be used with the aforementioned mapless RPG. I think it looks charmingly retro. Unlike in TheyDoNotDie which is really only kinda pseudo-2D (with sprites being mapped onto flat polygonal plains and the game being rendered in 3D) this will actually be full on legitimate 2D. TheyDoNotDie also has somewhat abstract, stylized and simplified visuals but I also made a major effort with it to try and keep everything looking smooth and devoid of jagged pixels and harsh edges and worked in a lot of nice little things that kept the tiles looking at least a little less repetitive like darkened borders and cloud shadows and there is a kind of static burned into a lot of the sprites. With this though I’m totally embracing the pixelated look that tends to go along with old 2D games. Its crazy low rez (320×240) and when its up scaled everything goes nearest neighbor to preserve that pixel look rather then smoothing out the edges. Even fewer colors and fewer details are being used and there wont be any rotating sprites or partial transparency or anything that you wouldn’t expect to see on an NES or Gameboy Color.