ThatOtherPerson’s Wii homebrew pack v3.0

Tired of downloading homebrew programs individually? Here is a nice little rar archive that includes all of my recent(ish) releases. It’s everything I’ve released for Wii since I last updated the home menu I include with all my homebrew.


Whats included in the pack:

Wii Chatter v0.2
Avoidance v1.3
Cherophobe v1.2
Goodbye World v1.3
Gravity Glide v1.4
Hero City 2 v1.4
Maze Generator v1.5
Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.3
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.3
Sketch Fight v0.4
Three Point O v1.3
UFO Racer v3.5
We Are Nowhere v0.4
Wii Exhibit v0.4
Winters End v1.2
Two Point Five v1.2
Hypno Blast v0.3
The Unmapped Forest v0.3
Transitory Vectors v1.1
The Video Game v0.3
Elongated Reptile v0.2
1bit Invaders v2.2
Cubicle Shooter City v0.1
Dont Get Crushed v1.2
Cascade Beneath v1.1
Cylinder Dodge v1.1
Hero City v0.6
Slime Roll v0.3
The Catachthonic v1.0
Super Pixel Jumper v1.2
Time Frack 3D v0.1
Cubicle Shooter v0.4

Oh and I’ve updated the version of that you get access to when you use that v3.0 home menu. You can finally vote in polls (as long as you have an account) and you can read and post comments in the homebrew database (there is a page for each of my homebrew projects). So click that network button in the bottom right corner of the home menu and go discuss and vote on some junk. The actual site (the version you get when you visit it with a regular web browser) has gotten a few small updates tonight too.

What is NOT included in the pack (AKA my updated to do list):

Swing Ball
Swing Ball 2
Tick Tock Car Race
Tick Tock Boat Race
Tick Tock Zombie Shooter
Tick Tock Tank Fight
Dance Clone
Time Frack 2D
Neo Tanks
Neo Trail
Neo Race
The Untitled Project
That Other Pong
They Do Not Die
They Do Not Die 2
They Do Not Die 3
Multi View
The Jarred Mind 1
The Jarred Mind 2
The Jarred Mind 3
The World Drowns
Simple Script

32 included and 22 excluded adding up to a total of 55 Wii homebrew projects. I have a tendency to start random things and then quickly abandon them when I lose interest. But I’m going to try and stick to these 55 projects.

15 Wii homebrew updates

Wii Chatter’s keyboard defaults to lowercase and has a caps lock button. Avoidance and Hero City 2 (the nightmare mode) both have added leaderboards that work just like Cherophobe’s does. Winter’s End is a bit more efficient (not that it makes any difference).

All of them have a new home menu. I rewrote a lot of it and added and changed a lot in the process.

The network browser thing has a built in on screen keyboard (just like the one in Wii Chatter). So now you can use it to post things on people’s user pages and in the future you will be able to send private messages and even register an account without needing to actually visit the site.

There is also a little news window next to the main home menu. So you will be able to find out if you are using an outdated version or if something cool has happened without needing to go to the network section of the home menu.

The new sprite sheet / texture it uses is half the size it was previously (which was already smaller than it was not too long ago) so that’s good for technical reasons. The buttons and things are designed in a way that allows me to put them closer together and thus fit more on screen. I’ve even got it setup so I can use different colors of text. I’m not crazy about the way it all actually looks though. I’ll probably change the color pallet later and maybe make it customizable.

Avoidance v1.3
Cherophobe v1.2
GoodbyeWorld v1.3
GravityGlide v1.4
HeroCity2 v1.4
MazeGenerator v1.5
PineappleApocalypseRPG v1.3
RevoltOfTheBinaryCouriers v1.3
SketchFight v0.4
ThreePointO v1.3
UFORacer v3.5
WeAreNowhere v0.4
WiiChatter v0.2
WiiExhibit v0.4
WintersEnd v1.2

Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.2 – Wii

Revolt Of The Binary Couriers is the sequel to Pineapple Apocalypse RPG and much like the latest release of that this update fixes the speed of the background music (Aeroplanes by Nanodrone) and makes it so that selecting load when there is no game save will start a new game.

Download the Wii version from

Wii homebrew reuploads

You’ve probably noticed that a LOT of the links around here have died. To rectify that I’ve begun uploading all of my stuff to PlatonicRobot. You can now go there to find the most recent versions of everything I’ve ever released for Wii.

1bit Invaders v2.1 for Wii.rar
Avoidance v1.1 for Wii.rar
Cascade Beneath v1.0 for Wii.rar
Cherophobe v1.0 for Wii.rar
Cubicle Shooter v0.3 for Wii.rar
Cylinder Dodge v1.0 for Wii.rar
Dance Clone v0.5 for Wii.rar
Dont Get Crushed v1.0 for Wii.rar
Elongated Reptile v0.1 for Wii.rar
Gambol v0.2 for Wii.rar
Goodbye World v1.1 for Wii.rar
Gravity Glide v1.2 for Wii.rar
Hero City v0.5 for Wii.rar
Hypno Blast v0.2 for Wii.rar
Maze Generator v1.1 for Wii.rar
Neo Tanks v0.2 for Wii.rar
Neo Trail v0.1 for Wii.rar
Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.1 for Wii.rar
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.1 for Wii.rar
Sketch Fight v0.2 for Wii.rar
Slime Roll v0.2 for Wii.rar
Super Pixel Jumper v1.1 for Wii.rar
Swingball v1.1 for Wii.rar
Swingball2 v0.4 for Wii.rar
That Other Pong v2.1 for Wii.rar
The Catachthonic v0.9 for Wii.rar
The Jarred Mind3 v1.0 for Wii.rar
The Unmapped Forest v0.2 for Wii.rar
The Untitled Project v0.3 for Wii.rar
The VideoGame v0.2 for Wii.rar
They Do Not Die v1.0 for Wii.rar
They Do Not Die2 v0.7 for Wii.rar
Three Point O v1.1 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Boat Race v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Car Race v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Tank Fight v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Zombie Shooter v1.0 for Wii.rar
Time Frack 2D v0.1 for Wii.rar
Transitory Vectors v1.0 for Wii.rar
Two Point Five v1.1 for Wii.rar
UFO Racer v0.3 for Wii.rar
We Are Nowhere v0.2 for Wii.rar
Winters End v1.0 for Wii.rar

Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.1 – Wii & Windows

Heres an update to Revolt Of The Binary Couriers (the sequel to Pineapple Apocalypse RPG).

First of all its gotten all of the same improvements that I made in the recent update to its predecessor. Improved frame rate, classic controller support, bug fixes, repositioned text boxes, background music (once again Aeroplanes by Nanodrone) and a slightly improved home menu.

I also fixed it up in a few other ways. The pause menu now has an option to start a new game. You can bring up the pause menu at any time now (even during combat although the option to save is disabled during fights). There are also a few new enemies.

Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

Revolt Of The Binary Couriers mapped

Here is the map for Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers. Click it to see it in “large” which isn’t particularly large and is actually seriously downsized cuz flickr is a mean jerk like that but is also free and cool about hotlinking. If anyone wants to see it full sized I’ll upload it elsewhere.

Alternatively if your awesome like me then click here to read me rant about how maps sucks.

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers for GP2X

I finished my first app for GP2X (I know I’m kinda late to the party… All the cool nerds have Dingoos and Pandora pre orders) and it comes in the form of a port of Revolt Of The Binary Couriers.

I’ll confess though that I’m not really sure what the deal is for GP2X software compatibility. I have an old GP2X F100 and that is what it was made for and tested with. It will presumably also work perfectly with a GP2X F200 but I’m doubtful about whether or not it will run on a GP2X Wiz. I’m under the impression that they cant run stuff made for the earlier models. Feel free to correct me about that if I’m wrong though.

The game runs smoothly and is functionally essentially a direct copy of the Wii and PC versions. I did cut out diagonal walking because it didn’t seem to be controlling very well with it in. I’m not sure whether it was the fault of something about the way that I wrote it or just the joystick sucking but either way I wasn’t completely sure about including diagonal walking so it doesn’t bother me to see it go.

Aside from the minor change in walking controls the only difference is that it seems to be a bit slower to save your game. Its not brutally or game ruining slow but a noticeable five to ten seconds which I think is longer then it takes with Wii and certainly longer then it takes on my PC. Still its not as bad as it was originally. When I first ported it over it took roughly 8 minutes to record your save game. That’s not an exaggeration. Eight minutes… I thought it had frozen at first. In the event that any programmers as noobish as me is reading this then take note that “n” is the same as endl minus the flush which means it is a LOT faster. Or at least its a lot faster with GP2X though I dunno why the unnecessary calls of endl didn’t slow the Wii version by much if at all. I also cut out some unnecessary data from the game saves (the files are bloated for reasons that I’m not going to get into now) which helped to cut down on the time but means that GP2X game saves aren’t interchangeable with Wii/PC ones.

The frame rate (which is running great now) wasn’t doing so well at first either. I was able to get it up though by switching over from using the normal PNG alpha channel to color keying which let me use SDL_DisplayFormat to optimize the sprites to the correct bit depth without it messing up whether or not certain pixels should be transparent (which is what was happening before when I tried to do it with sprites with transparent pixels) and that gave it surprisingly big bump in performance. Since The Wii and PC (on my lPC anyways) versions are already running at the intended 60 frames a second I’m not really in much of a rush to roll back the change though.

It also for some reason had some objection to me having an SDL surface named font. There was no warning or error message when compiling but it just sat frozen at a black screen when I tried to run it. I never had any trouble with the surface having that name on PC or Wii. It only took a second to rename the surface but a while to figure out that it was the problem…

But overall its was a fairly painless transition to get the game running which just makes it seem worse that I never wrote anything for GP2X back when I first got it. Though admittedly it probably would have been rougher for me then. I only started using SDL relatively recently and I’m not sure I had even done anything yet at the time in C++.

Download links for GP2X version

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers for Windows PC

Yesterday I posted the Wii homebrew release of Revolt Of The Binary Couriers (the sequel to Pineapple Apocalypse RPG). Now here it is for Windows PC! Unlike the PC version of the original Pineapple Apocalypse (which was made with DarkGDK) this was made purely with SDL just like Wii version and as a result no longer has any kind of dependency on DirectX (yay). Its also a complete match of the Wii version in terms of functionality (the PC version of Pineapple Apocalypse was missing game saving and a few other things) and isn’t missing out on anything. Enjoy!

Download links for Windows PC version