Pineapple Apocalypse RPG: Revolt Of The Binary Couriers


Revolt Of The Binary Couriers is the sequel to Pineapple Apocalypse RPG and is the result of me typing random words in as a project name and then refusing to change the game title once its done. Hooray for nonsensical titles and plot less games.

Lame contest time: First person to post screen shots (there is a save screenshot option in the games home menu) with you talking to each of the 7 NPCs will win… Something… I dont know what. I’ll name a character after you in my next game or I’ll make a game based on your description or do something like that. Upload the pics to image shack or some similar site and post the link in my blog’s comments and let me know what you want.

The new world is four times the size of the original one. There are some new sprites. There are now the aforementioned NPCs that wander around the map and can be talked to (step up to them and they stop walking and some dialogue pops up on screen). there are boxes littered around the game world that you can collect. They dont actually serve any purpose but its not like the collect-a-thon is really any more aimless then the level grinding that the game focuses on. It isn’t a noticeable difference but the game is legitimately low rez this time. Last time I faked the retro look with pixelated looking sprites and by never positioning anything on screen anywhere that didn’t have two as a factor. This time around the game is actually rendered at 320×240 and then that small image is scaled up (nearest neighbor style) and drawn on screen. There is a new font. Most of the game was re written and the frame rate has been fixed up and now runs at the intended 60 frames per second (as apposed to the Wii version of the original Pineapple Apocalypse RPG which ran at a little bellow 30 and was noticeably unsmooth in its motion). I decided to enable walking at angles but since the character sprites dont have animations for it and I’m not sure I would be capable of making reasonable quality sprites at that resolution of characters walking at an angle it gives priority to the up down walking animations (if you walking down and to the left for example the characters play the walking down animation). I Didn’t add any new enemies but I corrected a mistake that was in the original Wii port which caused the last enemy on the list (giant mutant pineapple) to never appear. It no longer assumes you want to get fixe dup just because you bump up against a door and instead now requires you to hit accept. There is a game save/load menu. Some other changes also.

Hold the controller sideways (NES style) and use the directional pad to move and navigate menus. Press the two button to accept (in menus). Press either the plus or minus button to pause the game and bring up a menu for game saving and loading. As always hit the home button to bring up the home menu which allows you to exit the game.

Download links for Wii version