UFO Racer v0.3 – Wii

Here is an update to UFO Racer. Its actually beginning to resemble a racing game now.

There is now a track selection screen. Its simple and ugly but its really only a placeholder for the moment. There are two included tracks. There are two other UFOs that race around the track with you. There is a progress bar that shows how much of your current lap you have completed and bellow it is text displaying what lap number you are on. After completing three laps you are sent back to the track selection screen.

As before you use the 2 button to accelerate and you steer by tilting the Wii remote (just like in Mario Kart or Excite Truck).

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UFO Racer v0.2 – Wii

When I said that there was nothing that couldn’t be accomplished with a few get/put pixel functions and a little bit of math I should have said with a VERY little bit of math. I improved some things, cut down on the number of calculations and got the game running far smoother. I took out the frame counter that was visible in the first version but for anyone curious its at all times over 50 and depending on where you are on the track often hitting the 60 frames per second throttle point.

The track is far larger now and is generated at start up using a series of tiles the placement of which are loaded from another image (similar to how the levels where in Swingball). In other words it will be super quick and easy for me to make as many tracks as I want. It also opens up the possibility for the future addition of an in game level editor (I love games with level editors).

I’m also now scaling up the size of the track which didnt seem wide enough to me before. I didn’t need to increase the resolution of the tiles though (which are basically just ripped from that track in the first version). Instead its just scaled up in realtime (because of how its rotating the track there isn’t really a relevant cost to performance to scale it at the same time) which pleasantly enough doesn’t really seem to make it look at all pixelated. With a 640×480 image stretched out onto a TV you really need to try hard to get it to look pixelated instead of blurry lol.

I added more frames of rotation for the ship so the animation isn’t so choppy for it when turning and I lowered the transparency of the glass so you can sorta see the alien in it.

The camera is positioned further ahead of you now so you have a better chance of seeing whats ahead of you before crashing into it.

There are other tweaks and improvements but nothing else that’s likely to be particularly noticeable.

At this point you still just drive around the track on your own.

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UFO Racer – Wii

I started working on a racing game. I’m borrowing graphics for it from an older game I made for PC over 9000 years ago but I’m programing it again from scratch and this time its going to be 2D with a top down perspective and made for Wii.

The steering is controlled by tilting the wiimote (just like you do for Excite Truck or Mario Kart). I’ve never done anything using the accelerometer before but it was actually really easy to implement and already works fairly well although I’ll probable tweak to turning speed later. You hold down the 2 button to move forward.

Another thing that’s somewhat new to me are the rotating sprites. The rotation of the ship is pre rendered but the track is actually rotated in real time. SDL (my primary game development library of choice) sadly doesn’t actually have any built in support for rotating surfaces but luckily there is nothing that cant be accomplished with a few get/put pixel functions and a little bit of math. It will never be as fast as it would be if it was done with GRRLIB but it is already running at a tolerable frame rate in the high thirties and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get a bit more speed out of it.

Its just a test demo and I don’t really recommend you bother with downloading it yet but I figured I would share what I’ve been doing.

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UFO racer.


Its fairly self explanatory. Its a lame and simple racing game with aliens. The image used in the icon (which was also used as the basis for the design of the alien in your ship) was made by someone else but I don’t know who. You can probable find it by doing a quick google image search for gray alien though if it really matters to you. It was made with DarkBasic Pro and requires DirectX 9.0c or higher to play. It controls with the arrow keys. There is some elastic banding going on with the speed of the competing racer. Not sure what else ther eis to say about it.