They Do Not Die 2 v0.3 – PS3

Here is another updated version of They Do Not Die. This new update Most notably features destructible walls and the ability to save the game state. Game saves are fairly large and consequently rather slow to create and load but that will improve over time.

I’m still undecided about what the subtitle should be so keep posting any ideas you have. Right now I’m leaning towards going with Collateral Damage (suggested by Griffunt) or Life After Death (suggested by Annelies)

On a less obviously related subject does anybody know how to go about measuring the passage of time with millisecond precision (or near enough to it for it to be usable when calculating the frame rate) when developing for PS3 with PSL1GHT?

What has changed:
You can save the game at any time and obviously also load that save.
The on screen text now scales so it no longer fills an overly large portion of the screen at low resolution.
In addition to your gun you now have a rocket launcher.
Rockets explode when they are shot, hit a person or hit a wall.
Explosions destroy walls, push people back and hurt people.
You can now run which consumes energy.
Shooting momentarily prevents energy from regenerating.
If you try to consume energy when you have none left then you will instead lose health.
The speed that your health regenerates at directly correlates to how much energy you have.
The screen (specifically the edges of it) turn red when you are low on health.
The world is more densely populated.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Aim
L1 = Shoot the rocket launcher
R1 = Shoot the gun
L3 = Run
Select = Save
Start = Load

Download the PS3 version

They Do Not Die 2 v0.2 – PS3

Video provided by Manster.
You can find a screenshot here.

Here is an update to They Do Not Die 2. I still haven’t decided on a subtitle so if you have a suggestion then let me know.

What has changed:
The walls are solid.
The world is darker.
The zombies can hurt you and the other survivors.
When survivors die they turn into zombies.
On screen text shows how much health you have and how many zombies you have killed.
When you are hurt the camera zooms in.
When you die the game restarts (complete with a reset kill count and a newly generated city).
If you shoot a zombie it will then always consider you its target regardless of any other survivors that may be closer to it.
There are more zombies.
Everyone moves faster.
Buildings are now occasionally subdivided into multiple rooms.
The game pauses when the XMB is up.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Aim
R1 = Shoot

Download the PS3 version

They Do Not Die 2 v0.1 – PS3

So I’m making a sequel to my top down zombie shooter They Do Not Die. it is being made primarily for PS3 but there will also be a PC version and there may potentially be a Wii port of it later.

This is just a very early build of it but so far the game already features a truly massive procedurally generated city that is populated by human survivors and zombies that you can shoot.

One thing that I have working already that I’m really happy with is the fact that you (the player) are not treated special by the zombie AI. They will gladly ignore you if there is another human that is closer to them. There is something really cool about walking down a street and seeing people being herded by zombies.

There is collision detection that makes you bump into other people and prevents you from walking on water but there isn’t any yet for the building walls.

You are the orange circle, human survivors are pink and zombies are green. I know that not everybody likes them but the arrow circles will always be the default appearance for people in the game. But I will quickly put together some kind of a re skinned version if there are any color blind or partially color blind players that are finding it difficult to differentiate between them and there might eventually be built in support for alternate skins.

I’ll be alternating between working on this and The Unmapped Forest.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Aim
R1 = Shoot

Download the PS3 version

I want to give the game a subtitle but I haven’t decided what it should be yet. Anyone who suggests a name that I use will win something. The prize is also undecided. You will probably get an NPC named after you or your name somewhere in the credits.

They Do Not Die v1.0 – Wii & Windows

It seems like I’ve been making this game forever. I’ve restarted making it completely from scratch on at least two occasions and I have certainly learned a lot in the process. But now more then ever I’m considering myself done with it. You shouldn’t expect any further updates. Here is version 1.0 of They Do Not Die.

What has changed:
You can now save your game.
You can obviously also load that game save and continue playing from where you left off.
Running consumes less energy.
shooting now consumes energy (just enough to stop it from regenerating).
Health regenerates at half speed when you aren’t full on energy.
I’ve removed the on screen frame rate counter.
The music no longer plays improperly slow in the Wii version.
The performance has improved in the Windows version.

Wii controls:
Nunchuck analog stick = Move
A button = Run
B button = Shoot

Windows controls:
WASD or arrow keys = Move
Shift = Run
Left mouse button = Shoot

Extra credits:
The background music is as always by RekcahDam.

Download the Wii version
Download the Windows version

Other notes:
I had planned to include user submitted levels. But with only one entry so far I’ve decided against it. If you want to play that one level then you can find it here. It is titled Zombie Death Maze and was made by Mr. Reaper.

You can also find Mr. Reaper’s reskin for the game here.


The NintendoMax Wii Dev Competition was extended for an additional 6 days to allow updates to be done in the same way that it was allowed for the GBAtemp Bounty. The six days are now up though for both competitions. I probably should have but I didn’t release any updates to any of my games during that time.

There is a video I haven’t posted yet of Hero City v0.4 running on Wii that you can find here. As usual it was provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax who is still the only person creating video of homebrew games.

Mr. Reaper has made a Homebrew Channel theme that resembles his re skin of They Do Not Die. You can download the theme here and for anyone that doesn’t have it already you can find his TDND reskin here.

There is a game review of my GP2X version of Dont Get Crushed which can be found here at the the 2XGB blog. That is old news but 2XGB is definitely a site deserving of some recognition as it is possible the only one still actively being updated with original reviews and commentary about GP2X and what software is available for it.

I’ll probably have some “new” Wii homebrew ready to post tomorrow or the day after.

They Do Not Die v0.4 – Wii & Windows

Here is a long overdue update for They Do Not Die. It doesn’t do everything I was planning but has a few additions.

The level viewer has officially become WYSIWYG level editor. You can edit levels but not create them so if you want to make a new level without overwriting one of the preexisting ones you will need to go copy one of them in the “Maps” folder. I would love to see any new levels that anybody makes so post links in the comments.

There is single screen co-op play now. You can have up to four players and you all share the same health and energy bar. When playing with multiple people the camera stops repositioning itself based on where your pointing and instead places itself in the middle of all the players. There are invisible walls keeping you from getting too far away from each other.

There is also a Windows version now. Yeah, that’s right, I made a PC game then restarted making the game and then started again on Wii only to then port its incomplete Wii version back to PC. Give me a few more years and I’ll have an even more incomplete build of it available for PC that will have been designed for xbox 720. The PC version is single player only.

Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

alternate links:
Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

Don’t forget to go grab Mr Reaper’s character reskins if you want to replace the arrows with something more humanoid.

They Do Not Die: character reskin

I know the arrows in They Do Not Die aren’t popular. But luckily for anyone that didn’t know already you do have options. Mr Reaper provided some sweet looking people sprites to put in their place a while ago and has even updated them to work correctly with v0.4 of the game. He even made a matching homebrew browser icon to go along with them.

Get the replacement people sprite set
Get the replacement icon

To use the new people sprites just drop them into TheyDoNotDieMediaGame in place of the pre existing people.png file.

They Do Not Die v0.3 on video


Not only was NintendoMax one of if not the first homebrew news sites (at a minimum it was definitely the first French language news site) to have a post up yesterday about v0.3 but at the same time they also provided a video of the updated game in action. I’m becoming suspicious that Cid2Mizard may either be a robot or a time traveler.