Cubicle Shooter v0.4 – Wii

Here is an updated version of Cubicle Shooter (not to be confused with Cubicle Shooter City) for Wii.

I fixed a bug that would sometimes allow you to jump before landing and made optimizations to world rendering that have improved the frame rate.

Thanks to the wonders of threading the program no longer locks up while saving or loading. So you can bring up the home menu and go read comments on user pages or something well it’s saving. I made some changes to saving and loading (old game saves aren’t compatible anymore) that should probably improve the speed of it but I didn’t time it so I can’t really confirm that. Loading is fine but saving the game still takes an absurdly long time.

Download the Wii version from

Time Frack 3D v0.1 – Wii

Remember that thing I posted a screenshot of back when I first showed off Hero City 2? I was going to submit both of them to the same competition but then only delivered on hero City 2? Well I started working on it again!

So here is the first playable build of Time Frack 3D for Wii!

You can walk, run, crouch, jump, grab onto ledges and most importantly you can slow down or even rewind time.

Download the Wii version from

2 Wii homebrew updates

Here are two more updated games of mine. Both have online scoreboards (don’t forget to go check your scores by hitting the network button in the bottom right corner of the home menu) and all the other coolness that my other recent releases have had. They are really ports of the PS3 ports of the original games. So they don’t use SDL anymore and look (and probably play) slightly differently from their previous Wii versions. Neither of them has music (as I remember it the Cascade Beneath music wasn’t very good anyways).

CascadeBeneath v1.1
DontGetCrushed v1.2

The homebrew browser has been updated!

The homebrew browser got an update yesterday and all of my recent 23 releases and updates were added

1bitInvaders v2.1 -> v2.2
Avoidance v1.1 -> v1.3
Cherophobe v0.9 -> v1.2
Cubicle Shooter City v0.1
Elongated Reptile v0.1 -> v0.2
Goodbye World v1.1 -> v1.3
Gravity Glide v1.2 -> 1.4
Hero City 2 v1.2 -> v1.4
Hypno Blast v0.2 -> v0.3
Maze Generator v1.1 -> v1.5
Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.1 -> v1.3
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.1 -> v1.3
Sketch Fight v0.2 -> v0.4
The Unmapped Forest v0.2 -> v0.3
The Video Game v0.2 -> v0.3
Three Point O v1.1 -> v1.3
Transitory Vectors v1.0 -> v1.1
Two Point Five v1.1 -> v1.2
UFO Racer v0.3 -> v3.5
We Are Nowhere v0.2 -> v0.4
Wii Chatter v0.2
Wii Exhibit v0.1 -> v0.4
Winters End v1.0 -> v1.2

Along with these cool homebrew programs by other developers

Bolt Thrower v0.7 -> 0.71
FBZX Wii v5.0 -> v6.0
GCMM v1.3 -> v1.4
Genesis Plus v1.7 -> v1.7.3
Harmony’s Nightmare v1.1 -> v1.2
Music Painter v0.1
Newo Asteroids v1.5
OpenTTD v1.1.3 -> v1.2.3
Texttris v1.2
Toddtris v1.0 -> v1.2
Tong v1.2

Thanks, Teknecal!

Cubicle Shooter City v0.1 – Wii

Here is the long overdue Wii port of my PS3 game titled Cubicle Shooter City. It borrows the character models from Cubicle Shooter and the environment from the Hero City games to make a simple top down shooter. TBH I don’t think it’s a very good game and I highly recommend playing 1bit Invaders or They Do Not Die 2 instead.

This Wii port also features a new destruction mode that brings the camera down behind the player and lets you shoot square shaped holes into the walls of buildings. It’s more of a tech demo then a game mode but I’m still very proud of this part. It’s all procedural. The city’s geometry becomes more complex as you shoot it up and once it reaches a certain point it resets and sends you back to the main menu.

Download the Wii version from

3 Wii homebrew updates

Nothing has really changed in The Video Game.
Music should sound better and more correct in Transitory Vectors.
I rewrote a large portion of Two Point Five. I don’t know what the frame rate was in the previous version but the performance should be better now. It looks slightly different too.

All three of them have the latest dashboard / home menu.

TheVideoGame v0.3
TransitoryVectors v1.1
TwoPointFive v1.2