Cascade Beneath v1.0 – GP2X

Here is a GP2X remake of my PS3 homebrew game titled Cascade Beneath. Its a simple fall down clone. You just move from side to side and try not to let the platforms push you off the top of the screen as they slide up.

Like with Dont Get Crushed the game increases in speed as you play it.

One random nice little feature is that it automatically saves what you have the volume set at. So if you want to mute it completely, turn it up blaring loud or set it somewhere between you wont need to do it again the next time you start up the game. Unlike with the high score though (which saves as soon as you get a new one) the volume setting is only saved when you exit the game (by hitting select) so it wont save if you quite by turning off the power.

The background music is Zombie Fighting Unicorn by Primaerfunktion.

Download the GP2X version
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OpenHandhelds Archive link

Dont Get Crushed v1.0 – GP2X

I’ve already released it for Wii, PC, PS3 and DS. So now here it is remade yet again. This time its for GP2X.

Dont Get Crushed is a simple game in which you must move left and right to avoid being crushed by balls that bounce across the screen. The longer you survive the faster the game moves and the higher your score will be. Its a clone of the iPhone game Falling Balls which I’ve admittedly never actually played.

The background music is Bunny on the Moon by yerzmyey.

Download the GP2X version
Alternate links

OpenHandhelds Archive link

Feeling cautiously optimistic about the future of the current homebrew scenes

The Bad:

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize it. But a few days ago it occurred to me that I actually was the only one working on original PS3 homebrew at the time when I began my current PS3 hiatus and nobody had taken my place since then. There was laterally nobody releasing original PS3 homebrew. Its not that there was just a disappointing number of devs or that they where working slowly. Its that there really where none. Just nobody at all.

There had been a few homebrew games put out by other people. Lachrymose released a Pong and shortly later a Breakout clone pretty early on. Apanloco released another Pong clone called Spin Pong. Finally Darkhacker released a game called Bomberman (which bares no relation to the bomberman franchise).

But even the most recent of them came out four months ago and those few simple games aren’t much for a system that’s been cracked open now for half a year. The devs that made those games also don’t appear to be actively working on any new PS3 brew. Well it would be understandable that things may take time to start there is no evidence to suggest that it will get better. If anything the PS3 scene shows signs of slowing. Its effectively already a dead scene.

Homebrew is by comparison thriving on my other two primary platforms of choice. But the Wii community seems to be slowing as well. The Wii Homebrew Browser is no longer updated weekly and more importantly the total number of things added or updated each month seems to be shrinking. There is just less content available to add then there once was. Similarly I remember a time when the release dates of the latest files posted on the openhandhelds GP2X file archive weren’t so far apart.

The Good:

Still. there is news that Team XeLove has proclaimed there intentions to port some of their 360 brew along with some unspecified new stuff to PS3. They don’t appear to have ever done any original games of their own which makes me wonder what to expect from their new project(s). But regardless of that I’ll admit that I’m excited by the prospect of OpenJazz, Super Mario War and/or an N64 emulator (though their N64 emulator does seem to run unplayably slow on 360…) showing up on PS3.

Drunken Coders is having a competition this month for GBA, DS, GC and Wii. Nintendomax‘s annual Wii dev competition has also begun again and will be running until May 31. Both of them should incite some devs to work on things they might otherwise not bother making. Speaking personally I’ve already secretly begun working on something specifically for the Nintendomax competition and I’m hoping to be able to throw something together in the next few days for the Drunken Coders competition.

The GP2X community is still alive and kicking also. It may have slowed slightly but for a five year old and slightly obscure system there is still a reasonable amount of stuff that’s been put out for it in the past few months. Even just in the last day there was a new EinStein würfelt nicht game posted.

So with any luck I think we can all expect to start seeing some cool stuff coming out in the future 🙂

Competition Results

I just realized that the results for the 2010 Pandora Angst Coding Competition are apparently in. Super Pixel Jumper got an average score of 311 (plus 2 bonus points) which put it in 13th place out of 30 (with second and third place apparently both being the same game?)! It was perceived as being somewhat sorta slightly a little maybe better then the other submissions on average! Nowhere even remotely close to wining but I’m still freaken happy about how that turned out.

Super Pixel Jumper – GP2X

There where instructions on the site requesting that you not publicly release your submissions until the judges had finished doing their judge thing and as far as I can tell the winners still don’t seem to have been selected. But its been closed for submissions for a relatively long time now and I just realized that it seems like all of the games have already gotten coverage on a bunch of homebrew news sites. So screw the waiting.

Anyways this was my submission for the 2010 Pandora Angst Coding Competition. Its a simple score based platformer with constant forward motion. Originally I was going to do something else that a little bit less overly simplistic/lame but I got annoyed with that. So I made this instead with the idea that I would be able to throw it together in an afternoon. I actually ended up spending a lot some time on it though. Mostly I just got stuck on simple and stupid crap like different transitional effects that I ended up abandoning and how to best handle the collisions (which after a few days I ended up pretty much just copying / adapting how I did it for the woefully still incomplete TimeFrack 2D). The audio is probable set a little too loud (I never got around to making it adjustable so you just have to deal with that) but I really like the stuff I was able to find at the Free Sound Project so personally I’m cool with it being a bit too loud lol.

Even though it is in no way complex or impressive in its game play design, tech or even sprite art I’m actually really freaken happy with how it turned out. Its fun in a zone out and try to beat the high score’ kinda way and its short bursts of gameplay are ideal for a portable platform like GP2X. Plus it just feels (at least to me) very complete. It has a goal and a failure conditions and there are no half implemented features. Its not a great game but it is a complete game which is something that I don’t actually succeed in making very often.

So download it try it and let me know how high you manage to score.

Download Links for GP2X version

I’m still totally planning to do a quick port of this and bring it over to Wii but I’m getting sidetracked by another Wii project that I had been putting off for even longer.

My first coding competition

I started working on something new to submit as an entry in the Pandora Angst Coding Competition. I dont expect to win or even manage to rank in the top three but I’m still kinda nonsensically psyched about it. I’ve never taken part in a coding competition before.

I’m making it primarily for GP2X (F100) but if I get it completely 100% done early enough (which is totally plausible with over a month to work on it) I might look into porting it over to some other platforms like Dingoo and track down someone to test it for me (I dont own a Dingoo). Regardless of that though it will definitely get a Wii and PC port.

The games far far far from done but I think its progressing fairly well for the amount of time that I’ve put into it and how much time I have left. I’m doing some kinda cool stuff with it that I’ve never done before.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday March 28 and it will presumably only take a few days for the judges to decide on and announce the winner (“Entries are not to be released to the public until after the contest has closed and winners announced. Private beta testing is of course allowed.”) so you can expect to see me putting this up at the end of March or the very beginning of April.

Anyways that’s all for now. I’ll talk more about it later.

Time Frack 2D – still hardly a game

I know it took a lot longer then it should have for such a small update but here it is. I added enemy characters and and you and them can both be pushed around and they disappear if you shoot them. The Wii version and now the PC version also both visually scale up the game nearest neighbor style the same way that Revolt of the Binary Couriers did well the GP2X version still uses the original 320×240 untouched image since that is what the systems screen resolution is anyways. Aside from that its the same.

Controls for PC and GP2X are the same as before and for Wii you hold the controller sideways (NES style) and use the d-pad to move side to side, the 2 button to jump, the one button to shoot and the plus and minus buttons to speed up and slow down time.

I’m not sure when I’m going to work on this again. It is something that I really want to make but I think I’m going to focus on They Do Not Die for now. I know I’m a horrible person and I never end up working on the shit that I say I’m going to do and I should finish this game and blah blah blah but hey that also means that I might end up switching back to working on this sooner then I plan to which is kinda a good thing right?

Download links for GP2X version

Download links for Windows PC version
Download links for Wii version

Time Frack 2D


So I’m making a 2d platformer / shooter for GP2X with the ability to slow down and rewind time. Its sorta based on that other 3d game/demo/thing I did of the same name (which was a rip off of all the ideas of TimeShift which was in turn just somewhat a product of how cliche and common time controls have become… Hooray for derivative non originality!) minus one visual/spatial dimension. This one should hopefully reach a higher point of completion though and actually be something that can be called a game. Currently its far from done but the basic movement, shooting and time controls are functional. As I said it is being made primarily for GP2X (its actually being made primarily so that I have something to make primarily for GP2X lol) but there is and will be PC versions of it and I’ll probably port it over to Wii at some future point in time.


The bar at the bottom of the screen shows how fast time is progressing. If its to the far right then its moving forward like normal, if its in the center then its paused, if its to the far left then its rewinding at normal speed and if its somewhere in between then obviously its moving at a speed somewhere in between (ie 1/8 between the center and the right side means that time is moving at 1/8 speed). The bar at the top of the screen shows your position on the time line. You cant rewind past when the game began.

GP2X controls

d-pad/joystick – move left or right
X – jump
A – shoot
L – slow down time
R – speed up time
Start/Select – exit the game

PC controls

WASD/arrow keys – move left or right
Space – jump
R – shoot
Q – slow down time
E – speed up time
Just close the window the exit…

Download links for GP2X version
Download links for PC version