dot TOIF (that other image format)

I was having some trouble with image loading on PS3 so I wrote a simple program using SDL to convert PNG files into something easier to work with.

To use it just place the file you want to convert into the same folder as PNGtoTOIF.exe, rename the file to image.png, then run PNGtoTOIF.exe and it should generate a image.toif file based on it.

The first line in the resulting file is the image width, second is image height, next is the red then green then blue then alpha values for each pixel. Each variable is stored as human readable text. The files are incredibly bloated (it makes uncompressed BMPs seem tiny) but its a functional solution and was easy to make.

Its worth noting that Cubicle Shooter v0.3 (which is what this was primarily made for) is hard coded to only load a 64×64 image to use as its texture for the cubicle dwelling NPCs. So you will probably run into problems if you try to just replace that texture with a differently sized one. I’ve already fixed up the toif texture loading function though and it will be part of the games next update.

Download the Windows version
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Download the Source Code
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The World Drowns v0.1 and source code – PS3

The World Drowns is (or will be) a 3D homebrew PS3 action RPG game.

To be clear I want to begin by saying that I don’t actually recommend anyone bother with downloading this. It is not a particularly accurate representation of my expectations for the final game. At this stage in development it is simply a non game comprised of a hacked together sequence of kludges. Its garbage.

Well making it its purpose was primarily for testing out obj format mesh loading. The reasoning for posting it though is is simply that I thought it would be easier to attract artists if I had some form of a demo to show of the game that I want them to contribute to.

I’m looking for people to create the 3d models, textures and eventually animations for the characters and environments. So if your interested in pitching in then let me know.

Download the PS3 version
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Download the PS3 version’s Source Code
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Maze Generator v1.0 – PS3 source code

I wasn’t really expecting there to be any demand for it. There is a shortage of information on developing for PS3 but Maze Generator is essentially the same as the testapp included with the SDK (I’m using v1.92 but I assume the same examples are included with the other leaked versions of the SDK) with only relatively minor alterations. I suppose the code for the actual maze generation might be of some interest but its not in any way PS3 specific and there is tons of info on depth-first search already available online. But in any case, based on the comments on other sites it seems like people just really want source code. So here it is.

I would love to see anything that people make using it or any improvements you make to it.

Download the PS3 version’s Source Code

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Download the PS3 version’s Source Code

When I have an updated version of Cubicle Shooter ready I’ll include the source code for it with it.

Time Frack 2D – now with source code

Alright here is everything you need to compile Time Frack 2D for windows (I even included the Microsoft Visual c++ express project file and some other stuff that you dont really need) and since its using SDL and little else it should be little to no work at all getting it to compile on pretty much any other platform. The Wii and GP2X versions each had some minor changes but where effectively the same. I’ll upload everything I’ve got for them also if anybody want em.

Warnings: Along with the game just being incomplete there is some stuff in there that I am fully aware of being stupidly and inefficiently written that I didn’t get around to fixing. On top of that I’ve never worked with anyone before or even gotten any kind of real commentary on any code I’ve written before so I’m probably doing other things unconventionally or just plain stupidly that I’m not even aware of. Also there isn’t much in terms of comments in the code to explain what things are doing but I dont think its horrible unorganized or dense either so it presumably wont be difficult to read and edit.

Anyways feel free to ask any questions you have or make any kind of requests and I’ll do my best to help. All I ask is that if you post an updated version or lightly modified version or whatever of it somewhere that you mention it and link back here at some point and similarly it would be cool if you posted about it in the comments here so I can see what you’ve done with it.

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