UsbBreak for PS3

I ordered a UsbBreak (a cheap PSJailbreak clone) from ShopTemp. So I’ll be able to get in on the PS3’s new and quickly evolving homebrew scene some time soon. The downside is that I have no idea when if ever I’ll be on PSN again.

I was tempted from the start but wasn’t really going to do it originally. The initialy reported $150 price for a PSJailbreak was absurd and I’m rather fond of PSN and I feared the ban hammer. But they have gotten reasonably priced now (it only cost roughly $30 CAD and there are cheaper alternatives becoming available every day).

More importantly though is that the last firmware update (which is mandatory if you want to play online) blocked the exploit and the current lack of way to get around that block has created scarcity well making it clear which path leaves you with more options. You can update your PS3 to play online but you can’t downgrade it to mod and since PS3s sold in the foreseeable future will come with the new firmware you will be able to buy a new PS3 for online play but not a new one for modding. So PS3s that can be exploited are currently becoming a very limited resource and if you want to insure that you will have the option to use the exploit in the future then you cant update. More then anything else I want options which means that I refuse to get the update. I got the update that gave up OtherOS but I wont give this up. Since I refuse to update my PS3 then I can’t go online with it and if I can’t go online with it anyways then I may as well take advantage of the exploit.

So yeah… I’m not really sure when it will show up. I went with the free shipping which supposedly takes two to five weeks but according to the forums it actually tends to only be a little over one week. But I’m looking forward to its arrival and I’ll post more about it when I get it.