What I’ve been up to.

Yeah my quick succession of new Wii homebrew releases seems to have slowed / stopped. You can blame that on Six feet Under DVDs. I’m half way into season 4 now. I’m also waiting on the new music for Dance Clone before starting up working on it again.

I have been doing a few productive things though. I started messing around with making stuff for PC with SDL (something I’ve never done before) and its been a pleasantly painless transition from using SDL when developing for Wii. I’m considering porting over some of my Wii stuff after I have a few things that are actually complete (lets face it most of what I’ve released is crap). Another thing I’m considering maybe doing the reverse and making things for PC first and then porting over to Wii which would make testing faster and easier and would probable save time considering how easy it would be to port things over. I’m also now more then ever thinking that I’ll probable start fresh and go with SDL/OpenGL when I return to working on TheyDoNotDie.

What I’ve been doing on PC with SDL is playing around with giving that 2.5d tech demo I made for Wii a bump in the direction of true 3d. Its crazy slow on my crap computer and will presumable be even slower on Wii but hopefully it will be something with a usable frame rate at a tolerable resolution in the end. A Wolfenstein 3D style homebrew shooter would be nice on Wii but a 3d shooter with voxel based fully destructible environments would be cool on any platform. I made some improvements to my still admittedly crappy grid based ray casting work a bit better and well I haven’t implemented it yet I found out how to correct that fisheye type distortion that was happening so even if I just return to that 2.5d style it will look better and run faster and more consistent then ever.

I’ve also been messing around with using a USB keyboard with Wii (another thing I’m a noob with) and have been making a simple homebrew text editor along the way complete with an on screen keyboard (something I know I’ll need for re use in future homebrew) for people without USB ones.



I was going to try and work in some kind of basic gameplay and make it into something that I could pretend was a game but its frustrating me right now and I don’t really feel like working on it anymore. Lets just call it a tech demo. Its polygon free and technically totally 2d but it fakes a 3d first person view the same way that old school “3d” games like Wolfenstein 3D, Rise of the Triad and Doom did though its not even as complex as them (it has no textures). the environment is randomly generated and uses the same setup I made for Maze Generator only with a different width and height and some extra random walls removed to make the map less linear.

You use the nunchuck analog stick to move and the wiimote ir sensor to aim. You turn based on where on screen you aim but turning is deactivated well you hold down the A button.

I added in multiple screens for options in the home menu because it seemed like it was starting to get overly crowded after adding the PNG screenshot option. Just hit Plus or Minus or click on the left and right on screen buttons to switch menus. It slides nice and smoothly back and forth from menu to menu.

Download links

more about 1bit Invaders

1bit Invader is available on the Homebrew Browser now. I think it got added only like an hour or two after I posted it. I still cant get over how awesomely fast Teknecal is about updating that thing with new apps as they are released.

I forgot to mention something else about 1bit Invaders that in all likelihood nobody is going to actually use but I still think is awesome which is the screen shot functionality. It was in Maze generator but got seriously improved upon in that first release of 1bit invaders. Just hit the home button at any point in the game and in the list of buttons that appear are two that will record a screenshot of the game (as it was the moment before the menu slid onto screen). For starters now along with saving the image as a BMP file you can also save it as a PNG file instead which gives you the same perfect and lossless picture quality at a drastically reduced file size and and also at a much quicker speed. Regardless of whether you save as a PNG or BMP file though it now searches for the first available file name (screenshot1.png then screenshot2.png etc) rather then always saving it as screenshot.bmp and overwriting any pre existing file with that name which means that you can now save as many screen shots as you can fit on your SD card.

I’ve got something new and unrelated in the works right now that is half done and hopefully will be somewhat ready for public consumption by tomorrow or maybe the day after at the latest. I know I’ve already got too many separate games being made at the same time but it gets boring working on the same thing. Once I’m done with this thing I’m doing now though I’m going to give MP3 audio playback another go (I’ll dig through Dragon Media Player’s source code and see how it does it) and if I can get that working I’ll return to working on Dance Clone and if not I’ll do some more work on 1bit Invader. So anyways check back here soon for the new thing. I assure you it will be awesome. Its not really cutting edge even by Wii Homebrew standards but I think its still really cool in a tech demo sorta way and its something that its been buging me that other people haven’t been doing more of.

1bit Invaders


This is the beginnings of a 2D space shooter with destructible walls. You use the Wiimote to aim, the b button to shoot and the nunchuck analog stick to move. Shoot the round things that move towards you to survive and gain points. The wiimote vibrates when your being hurt. There is a lot left to be added and reworked but its functional at this point.

Along with having black and white monochrome visuals the sprites are also noticeably pixelated. I took the retro pretend low rez thing a lot less serious then I did with Pineapple Apocalypse RPG though. The sprites are even blockier but well Pineapple Apocalypse RPG stuck rigidly to its fake pseudo 320×240 resolution 1bit Invaders simply doesn’t. The sprites get placed at any appropriate position on screen and things move more smoothly then would be possible if everything was being actually rendered at the low resolution that the blocky sprites might suggest it is.

Download links

Homebrew Browser additions

Maze Generator and Dance Clone have joined Pineapple Apocalypse RPG on the Homebrew Browser!


Also I’m probable going to have something new up here (to clarify I mean on this site not the homebrew browser though it will presumable show up there later) by tomorrow so you can look forward to that.