They Do Not Die R11

Eleventh release. Not a massive update. Fixed a few problems with cars (most noticeably getting out of them now works correctly and doesn’t leave you trapped in the hollow space inside them). your custom made map is now saved as one unified file. If you want to keep using one you made with the previous editor then just open up the map file and the object file in notepad and copy paste the info about object placement into the primary map file at the end. You can properly place zombies with the level editor now. Just like with the boxes and cars the zombie count in the menu is how many will be randomly spawned in addition to the ones placed in the level editor so even if you set the zombie count to zero the zombies you place will still show up. Once there spawned when the game starts all zombies are treated the same though so if you have zombie repositioning switched on (as it is by default) any zombies you place in the map that are too far away from your character will get zapped closer by. You can pickup the broken shards of wood left from boxes. Still cant use them for anything yet though. There are sound effects but I’m not really happy with them. You can lower the music and/or sound effect volume from the menu and it will actually have an effect now. Fixed up a few other things relating to the menus and added a few new options. Started working in the in game pause/death menu. That is essentially everything. Mostly just minor stuff.


The World Drowns

Went back and did a bit more for that action RPG Zelda style game I started a little while ago. Still not really anything that should probably be considered a game at this point but its getting better. Visually its been fairly majorly overhauled. It looks somewhat like it jumped out of Super Mario Galaxy now. It also played in full screen but whats especially nice is that it doesn’t use a preset resolution and instead checks what your current desktop resolution is and goes with that. All of your character’s animations have been redone though they mostly look roughly the same as before. You can attack (or at least play the attacking animation) even well also running and/or walking now. There are now multiple monsters (all of the same kind) and they are now treated as solid objects. Tons of other little tweaks where made.


They Do Not Die / Zombie R10


Here is the tenth release of the top down zombie shooter I’ve been working on. The titles been changed / shortened to “They do not die” which I’m fairly content with so that’s likely what I’ll always be referring to it from here on out.

The level editor has been significantly improved. You can replace tiles and drop objects into the world like before but its been majorly fixed up. The game now properly uses that data as it should and best of all your custom made map and the placement of objects in it is now automatically saved when you return to the main menu. I’m also pretty happy with the editor’s new GUI. Its not amazing but it isn’t completely fugly either and its easy to use and even at 640×480 it doesn’t fill too much of the screen. Your visual settings (screen resolution and that type of thing) are also now saved externally so you wont need to reset them every time you start the game. The boxes that are marked as being explosive now actually are. There where a few other changes but really I think the editor was the only major thing.

If you make a good map in the editor then post the map.dat and objects.dat files here (you can find them in the savefiles folder so just upload them to rapidshare or someplace and leave the download address in the comments) and if I like it then it might show up as one of the levels in the final game.


Zombie R9

Its really kind of sad when I think about how long I’ve been working on the game. Even if you don’t count that a lot of it was recycled from stuff I worked on even longer ago (like most of the 2D artwork which was intended for a similar Wii home brew game) Its been roughly three months since I started. I haven’t really gotten much done of it and its not like its a very complex and impressive game.

But anyways its better then nothing and at the least I’ve made a frack ton of updates in the last few days. The flame thrower works on boxes and they catch fire just like people do. The menu system has been significantly improved. Still by no means perfected but a lot closer to what you would expect from a video game menu. You can break boxes open manually if your near them and facing them. You can make humans follow you and they make an effort to get behind you as apposed to just being near you (so they stay out of your line of fire). You can drive the cars. I tried setting up the camera to match the rotation of the car when driving (I hate having movement directions being relative to a character rather then the screen) but it just seemed oddly disorienting but I’ll probably stick that in later as an optional thing for anyone who wants it. Text also shows up informing you of a few other interactions that aren’t implemented yet. The text displaying frame rate can be turned on and off now and defaults as off. Health and energy regeneration is no longer a binary on off thing but rather the variables in the menu change how much they regenerate (it will work better once the menus have been fixed up to let you edit past the decimal point). There are progress bars on screen now that you your health and energy which makes it a lot easier to check then reading the text. Health is already really well communicated by the zoom of the camera and the red border on the screen but this definitely helps for energy. I’ve also made some other tweaks to make running more useful. The default run speed is higher, default max energy is higher, how much energy you lose from running is less and how much health you lose from running well out of energy is significantly less. There is also no a level editor. You cant save your creations and the user interface sucks but you can edit the map perfectly well and once you start the game it uses your edited version. You can also drop object in the editor and it records there position and rotation but the game doesn’t yet use that data when setting up the world. I’ll be shocked and amazed if I don’t see screen shots of genitalia or swear words drawn with cars by the end of the month. You get a game over screen just like the pause screen when you die. There have been other little tweaks but I think that’s everything that’s noticeable.


Zombie R8


The Dead Do Not Die Gently is a truly fracking stupid title. But if you feel you can think of something better then post it here. No one word stuff though and no placing “the” at the beginning does not bump it up to being a two word title. That really only works well if your making something major and with proper funding. Ideally I would like to be able to refer to the game as something that people could actually be able to find on google. There is no way the first results for something like The Outbreak or Surrounded will ever lead to my humble little blog or any other place this may show up. Do a google search for The Dead Do Not Die Gently in quotation marks and (at the moment) there is not a single result which means that at some future point in time if someone where to go looking for the game by that phrase/title there likely to actually get results that are relevant to there search.

Anyways here is yet another updated version of the game. There is a settings menu that comes up before the game starts. It isn’t perfect but its definitely a good start. The in game text is also now shown the same as it is in the menu complete with smooth outlines and a light drop shadow. You can’t get much more generic then Courier New but I kinda like the look of it and it helps that its mono space. At the least it looks better then the text did previously. There is new music playing as mentioned in my last post. Corpses are blue rather then green now. It definitely helps to make it easier to differentiate them from still active zombies but they also seem to stand out more and personally I never really had much trouble telling whether a zombie was still moving or not. What do you think about the color swap? Your flamethrower has a limited amount of ammo now just like your gun. Have fun messing around with different numbers of zombies and max health and health regeneration and things like that. If you find a sweet spot where the right variables just make the game seem better to you then let me know about it.




I was kinda in the mood to play Zelda style game or something like it so I started messing around with making an action RPG. Here is the result of roughly a days work.

You use a combination of mouse movements and WASD keys to control your direction and movements well using the space key to jump. Using the shift key well walking will make you run and holding it well airborn will increase your forward speed and also the speed at which you fall (wont increase your maximum fall rate just how fast your approach it).

I already have it setup to properly ignore your input well you aren’t grounded but for now I set right now to still accept controls because it just more fun being able to move from side to side post jump. Same applies for why you can jump so high and so far. I initially set the values that high just to test some things but there is just something weird and stupidly fun about quickly making massive leaps around the environment. Holding the right mouse key well on the ground shifts you into a kind of defense mode and hitting the left mouse key well doign so will make you attack.

In the end game play wise its planned to roughly emulate Zelda but it will have more of the usual RPG elements (you will level up and increase stats). The game is also going to have a time limit of sorts. The water level is constantly rising forcing you to move forward. The goal is to make the game complete enough to sustain a 30 minute experiences.

I borrowed a lot from Travis’s Zombie game (another game I was working on a while ago based on a description of the ideal zombie game given by one of the cast of the at1up podcast) but changed most of it as I went along. The camera is improved in a lot of ways and benefits from this not being a shooter which means the camera can be looser. The floaty camera looks nice in certain situations but because of how fast you can move around it also becomes problematic and its easy to get off screen. I’m thinking I might tighten up how closely it follows you or making it rotate to keep you constantly in the center of the screen or making it automatically control the camera zoom (right now you can zoom in and out manually using the mouse wheel) or maybe doing all of the above. What I’m really ahppy with is the character rotation. I know that is a silly thing to take pride in and it still isn’t perfect but I just think it works really well. you can move in as many directions as four keys can allow and at the same time you can control your direction with the mouse but what I’m really happy about is that well mouse control works as should its not constantly and rigidly enforced. If you stand still for example you can rotate the camera around your character without them turning to align themselves with the cameras angle.

The animations are new but the incomplete and textureless character models (excluding the sword and shield which I obviously didn’t put much work into) where taken from two different games that I had previously planned to make but never did. The woman (the protagonist that you play as) was going to be the main character in a Serious Sam clone (potentially titled Serious Samantha keeping up my trend up lame titles) well the monster was one of the enemies in a planned grid based 2d/3d/platformer/puzzle/boardgame sorta thing that was in retrospect I suppose would have been something vaguely like fez or crush but without the logic defying world flattening. There was also a planned turn based strategy game that would have used the monster and the rest of the character models from the game it was to be for but I never proceeded very far with that either.


Zombie R7


Here is another updated release. when you destroy a box pieces of it break off. There is still definitely work to be done for destructibility but its an improvement. I redid the graphics for the flame thrower and well it may not look especially fire like I think it generally looks better and definitely fits in much better with the overall art style of the game. I tried also replacing the graphic for dead zombies (the x looks like a plus sign half the time) by having them blank green inside and covering them with blood but they ended up looking too messy and somehow a lot more distracting. I found that having them fully filled in made them draw your attention more then the zombies that where still alive. The flamethrower (right mouse key) has also been changed a bit in terms of functionality. the flames move forward a little bit slower and don’t reach as far making it a lot less stupidly overpowered. In some ways its actually been made more effective though. Along with people/zombies slowly being hurt from being on fire they also get hurt from the initial hit of fire so if you continually blow fire onto them they will now die a lot faster then if you just hit them with a quick spray to set them ablaze and then step back and wait. The angle that both fire and bullets are shot at is slightly randomized now also. It doesn’t really match up with the size of the reticule but its fairly close and is the beginning of having weapon accuracy/inaccuracy effect gameplay. You can pause and un pause the game now (enter key). You can also run (shift key). running obviously increases your movement speed but it also drains your energy. Energy regenerates naturally over time but if you run well your out of it then instead of using up energy you hurt yourself and use up health.

I’ve been having some trouble getting a few libraries I want to use working (I am truly a noobish noob and I have no problems admitting it) which is why it took me a while to post this newer version and why it doesn’t really have much of what I wanted to include in it.


Zombie R6

Here is the sixth release of the STILL untitled top down zombie game.

Crates can be destroyed. The penalty for killing humans has been lowered from 100 points to 50. There is also a flame thrower (you have it right from the start and it has unlimited fuel). You press the right mouse key to use it and any zombies/people that come in contact with the flames catch fire and continually burn and lose health until they die.

I’m actually somewhat less happy with this then I was the previous version. Previously there was still just as much functionality missing (actually more obviously) but what was there was in my opinion of great quality. The new additions are kinda poorly done. The crates don’t really break they just disappear after a few shots which looks odd. The flame thrower has some graphical problems and even when its working as should the fire is really fugly. Functionally its only half working also. You can shoot it through walls for example. Most of all the frame rate has began really fall apart. When you torch a bunch of people and they all start dieing off at the same time things really stutter.

Oh well. I’m working on getting some new stuff working in the game and I think I’m going to sink some time into cleaning up and reworking what is there so far. Get it running smoothly again.

In the meantime somebody recommend some possible names for this game. I can’t think of anything I really like and I would rather have something less generic then “the zombie game” to refer to it as. Kill the brain eaters? The undead uprising? The crappy compilation of conflicts with crowds comprised of corpses?


Zombie R5


Fifth release now of the still untitled top down zombie game (seriously if you have any good ideas for a name I’m totally open to suggestions so leave a comment).

You can kill zombies now. A new zombie spawns in the distance whenever one dies so you can never really kill them all. You have a limited amount of bullets and cant shoot if ammo runs out though I set it to over 9000 for now so you likely wont notice that it isn’t unlimited anymore. There is a simple and meaningless score system (get 10 points for killing a zombie and lose 100 when you kill/turn a human. I fixed up the way people are pushed back by gun fire and that’s now also applied to objects like crates and cars. I setup the zombies to be moved closer when they get too far away (It won’t be a feature that you will be required to play with in the final game but instead an optional thing for one of the bonus free play kind of mode) which works well and without even increasing the zombie count at all this results in the streets being stupidly crowded. I didn’t even need to make the max distance for zombies too close (I don’t think its noticeable that its happening well playing the game). Your gun now continually fires when you hold down the mouse key rather then only firing when you first click it.

I think there where a few other things (mostly minor tweaks) but that’s pretty much everything thats changed.


A history of Ctrl+Alt+Del games. Part two.


A while after it was clear that I wasn’t likely ever going to bother going back to making the original Ctrl+Alt+Del game I started working on a skateboarding game because I like skateboarding games and I wanted to make one. I didn’t want to have to create all new character models and I was (and still am) feeling a bit dissapointed that I spent so much time on the previous Ctrl+Alt+Del game without having anything to show for it so I figured I could save some time but making the skate game set in the CAD universe. A lot of things where modified (I dont think i reused any textures) and most of the art assets where still made from scratch anyways but at least it gave me something to start with.

In the end the menu system was once again really the only thing that I was happy with. The video really doesn’t do it justice but I think its the best menu I’ve ever made. Its a sad and small accomplishment but at least its something. I really do think its nicer then the menus you would find in most professional games and it fits well with the style of the game and its web comic source material.

The games mostly shit though. Far better then the original game but I never got to the point of building in any real goals and as for the basic function of being able to skate around it works but never got anywhere near the point of being at all comparable with something like even the original Tony Hawk games. It did have a few small things that where nice. It was going to have simple platforming and brawling elements (like Simpson’s hit and run for example or how the first CAD game was planned to) so well I never worked in on foot jumping or the ability to swing your board like a bat you could actually get off your board and walk around (keep in mind that this was done well before Skate’s sequel was even announced let alone before it was made known that you would be able to get off your board so being able to walk as at least a minor brag able feature). It was also another example of poorly planned programing. I was still figuring out how to do things as I went along and in lots of ways it seemed to become more convoluted and glitchy as I progressed. I restarted from scratch near the end (when I re-did the menu) but it didn’t really help to fix any of the problems and just resulted in once again earlier versions having things that where lacking from later ones. Trying to retroactively force in a proper physics engine at the last second didn’t help either.

This download includes five pre compiled playable versions of the game. Two of which where never released previously. Those two also include the dba and dbpro files (the DarkBasicPro project and source files).

Also if you want to in the latest version (the one in the folder labeled “new game”) by deleting the top layer folder (located under) texturesmenu) and renaming the top layer 2 folder to replace it you can use a crisper higher rez version of the menu.

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